A Cock-a-doodle-doo Party For the Farm Animal Lovers

Krystal is one of those mommies who are very particular about the way kids should behave. She always keeps complaining that her son Michael no more listens to her. To please him, she decided to host a barnyard party on his birthday. I helped her in planning the celebration and, believe me, I loved the way the kids irritated Krystal by breaking all her rules and regulations. Here are the details of the party.

For invitation, I suggested Krystal to buy the readymade ones available with many party supplies stores but Michael wanted to make them at home. Krystal made the cutouts of various farm animals from white cardstock and her 5 year old painted them and use buttons and ribbons for decorating them. I was not very happy with these extremely childish looking cards but since Krystal and Michael wanted to use them, I agreed.

We wanted to buy a large scarecrow shaped piñata and use it for both entry decoration as well as party games but didn’t find anything. Krystal learned piñata making from YouTube and made a scarecrow piñata at home. She didn’t want to use her crockery and therefore, bought the barnyard bash party supplies. The party was in her backyard where we put some hay bales and used them for sitting. Michael was generous enough to give his stuff animals for decorating the venue. We put bunches of these stuffed animals around the party area and played various animal sound music in the background. The party table was entirely dedicated to cows. Krystal used cow print table cloth, cow print balloon bunches centerpiece, cow print happy birthday banner, and cow print jugs. We gave stuffed animals to the kids, who were under three years of age and for others, we had cow bells. They were expensive but we knew kids would love them.

barnyard bash

The funniest part of the event was that despite Krystal’s dedicated effort, kids remained kids and did everything that she didn’t want them to do. They spilled the milkshake on the table, played with sand, ate with dirty hands, fought for the candies that came out of the piñata, and spoiled their cloths by dropping ketchup. One young chap even kissed her with ketchup on his lips! I thought she will not be organizing any more birthdays but when I got a thank you call from her the next day, I realized that a mother can tolerate anything for her child. Krystal, you are awesome.

Please note that I have intentionally changed my client’s name to Krystal so that I don’t disappoint here. If you liked these barnyard bash party ideas, please read my other blogs for many other innovative kids’ birthday party tips.


A Roooaaaring Dinosaur Party For the Little Dinosaur Hunters and Explorers

Kids are very unpredictable. They can ask for anything, anytime and if you cannot see them crying, you have to fulfill their demands. My client Christina is of those moms who have suffered a lot due to the unpredictable nature of her 6 year old daughter Melissa. Apart from nagging about food and clothes, recently Melissa nagged about her birthday theme. I and Christina had been planning a Tinkerbell party since long but Melissa’s whole day crying act made us take up the Dino theme. Here is how we converted her house to the jungle of the Jurassic park movie.

  • From the pavement till our main door, we drew dinosaur footprints using white chalk directing the guests towards the party area.
  • We used large-sized cardboard boxes to make a Jurassic-park entry and put a signboard on top of it stating ‘Let’s roar with the dinosaurs’. The guests really liked these Dinosaur Party Ideas.
  • When the guests entered the party area, they were greeted with a large-sized inflatable toy dinosaur. This big reptile was looking real and placed very close to the door. Many kids even screamed out of shock.
  • We didn’t create a very lively atmosphere; rather we tried to give it a wild look. Christina took YouTube’s help to learn how to make toy dinosaurs using paper. She and Melissa made above 50 varying sized paper dinosaur that we placed at strategic location around the party area.
  • The artificial grass carpet, 3 large tree-shaped cutouts, stuffed monkeys, deer, tiger, etc. some artificial flowers, green crepe paper, green tissue pompoms, and a rose room freshener helped us to transform our venue to the Jurassic park forest.
  • We bought some large plastic eggs, hide them around the area, and called them Dino eggs. Kids enjoyed hunting them.

Both Melissa and Christina were happy with the arrangements. It was the first time I was organizing a dinosaur themed party and, thankfully, it turned out to be a good one. The only thing I regret is that one of the guests cried out of fear by the unexpected presence of the toy dinosaur near the door.

5 Party Favors for Girls That Can Make Them Desperate for Your Next Event

Giving party favors are a great way to tell your guests that they are valued; however deciding the right favor will make all the difference between making your guests happy or making them disappointed. Even though there are endless options, buying party favors for girls is very difficult. This is because girls are more demanding and choosy than boys. Mybirthdaysupplies suggests some of the most loved party favors that you can buy for your daughter’s birthday.

Fashion Jewelry

Pink Moon Pendant Set


This is one of the best options to fill the loot bags. Girls of any age are fond of jewelry and even if they have too many of them, they would still love to have one more. You can give away gem pendant sets, bracelets, wristbands, etc. Choose the color of the jewelry according to your theme. If you are having a princess party, you can choose pink star pendant set and for your Justin Bieber party, the blue star pendant set will complement the theme. This inexpensive party favor will surely entice your guests.

Themed jewelry

Hello Kitty Jewelry Set

Since young girls are fond of dressing up as their favorite characters, jewelry complementing your birthday can be an admirable girls party favors. Dora jewelry set, Hello kitty jewelry set, etc. are some of the most commonly available options. These favors will increase the excitement among your little guests.

Hair accessories

Hello Kitty Lace Clips

Anything that helps the girls look beautiful attracts their attention. Hair accessories play a great role in giving a stylish look that they always wanted. Fill your party bags with multicolor bow hairbands, pink cherry satin clips, headbands, etc. You can also buy themed accessories for your party. For example, if you are having a Hello Kitty party, you can buy Hello Kitty candy clips, lace clips, and headbands instead of the generic ones. However, if you don’t find the themed accessories, consider buying the ones whose color matches the color of your theme.

Novelty glasses

Novelty Glasses

These eyewears come in an exciting range of shades, styles, and shapes. They are meant for special occasions such as birthdays, parties, festivals, etc. Kids love to wear them. On your daughter’s birthday, give out the novelty sunglass and let the girls flaunt in style.

Story books

Giving storybooks as party favors is a wonderful girls party ideas. The kids will love to receive a book on their favorite characters whereas the moms will be appreciative to get something useful. For very young children, you can consider buying picture books or coloring books.

Choosing the right favors can add spice to your little one’s birthday. Make sure you give something that excites the guests.

Practical First Birthday Ideas to Celebrate Your Kid’s First Milestone

I have been organizing events since last 8 years and one thing that I really enjoy in my profession is organizing kids’ birthday parties, especially the first birthdays. Every time I get a client who wants to host his/her little chap’s first milestone, I start imagining myself at the party venue and doing all those cute and awesome decorations. The reason why I love organizing these events is that although this is a big day for parents, very few of them go for a big party and therefore, I get very few opportunities to plan them

Most of the clients I get always wonder what theme to choose because their child is too young to differentiate between a Spiderman and a Hello Kitty. First Birthday Party Themes need not be too fancy. I always suggest my clients to go for a simple theme, as the little ones anyways won’t be able to enjoy them; they would just enjoy the colors. Moreover, you would be too busy with your kid to plan something extravagant. A simple theme such as Minnie Mouse, balloon party, birthday princess, barnyard bash, Mickey Mouse, Jungle safari, etc. would be the best.

I have seen many failures when moms try to do everything by themselves, thereby, getting too busy to complete the arrangements on time. You must understand that your child demands most of your time and therefore, you should not involve yourself in making too many preparations. Buy the First Birthday Party Supplies from any party store such as Mybirthdaysupplies, hire someone or ask your relatives and close friends to decorate the venue. Remember, your kid will not be very happy to see the strange faces and therefore, will cling to you for the entire duration. Be prepared to even handle a nagging and crying baby. I have seen a lot of such incidents when the birthday child remains irritated for the entire party time. Minimize your party duration to just one or one and a half hour.

Out of all First Birthday Ideas, my clients appreciate the idea of having Mylar balloons instead of the latex ones. This is because latex balloons blow up into pieces and if these pieces are not removed immediately, they may cause something very unpleasant. Mylar balloons do not blow up into pieces and therefore, do not cause choking hazards. If you are using latex balloons, be extremely careful.

Remember, this birthday is not for your kid but for you and your family. Be simple, creative, and attentive to have a wonderful festivity.