5 Party Favors for Girls That Can Make Them Desperate for Your Next Event

Giving party favors are a great way to tell your guests that they are valued; however deciding the right favor will make all the difference between making your guests happy or making them disappointed. Even though there are endless options, buying party favors for girls is very difficult. This is because girls are more demanding and choosy than boys. Mybirthdaysupplies suggests some of the most loved party favors that you can buy for your daughter’s birthday.

Fashion Jewelry

Pink Moon Pendant Set


This is one of the best options to fill the loot bags. Girls of any age are fond of jewelry and even if they have too many of them, they would still love to have one more. You can give away gem pendant sets, bracelets, wristbands, etc. Choose the color of the jewelry according to your theme. If you are having a princess party, you can choose pink star pendant set and for your Justin Bieber party, the blue star pendant set will complement the theme. This inexpensive party favor will surely entice your guests.

Themed jewelry

Hello Kitty Jewelry Set

Since young girls are fond of dressing up as their favorite characters, jewelry complementing your birthday can be an admirable girls party favors. Dora jewelry set, Hello kitty jewelry set, etc. are some of the most commonly available options. These favors will increase the excitement among your little guests.

Hair accessories

Hello Kitty Lace Clips

Anything that helps the girls look beautiful attracts their attention. Hair accessories play a great role in giving a stylish look that they always wanted. Fill your party bags with multicolor bow hairbands, pink cherry satin clips, headbands, etc. You can also buy themed accessories for your party. For example, if you are having a Hello Kitty party, you can buy Hello Kitty candy clips, lace clips, and headbands instead of the generic ones. However, if you don’t find the themed accessories, consider buying the ones whose color matches the color of your theme.

Novelty glasses

Novelty Glasses

These eyewears come in an exciting range of shades, styles, and shapes. They are meant for special occasions such as birthdays, parties, festivals, etc. Kids love to wear them. On your daughter’s birthday, give out the novelty sunglass and let the girls flaunt in style.

Story books

Giving storybooks as party favors is a wonderful girls party ideas. The kids will love to receive a book on their favorite characters whereas the moms will be appreciative to get something useful. For very young children, you can consider buying picture books or coloring books.

Choosing the right favors can add spice to your little one’s birthday. Make sure you give something that excites the guests.


One thought on “5 Party Favors for Girls That Can Make Them Desperate for Your Next Event

  1. You are right on the money!! Girls love jewelry, bling and hair accessories, so when my daughter told me she wanted Tagtailz for her party favors I knew they would be a huge hit and they were!! Thanks to Tagtailz they made the party favors a no-brainer!!!

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