A Roooaaaring Dinosaur Party For the Little Dinosaur Hunters and Explorers

Kids are very unpredictable. They can ask for anything, anytime and if you cannot see them crying, you have to fulfill their demands. My client Christina is of those moms who have suffered a lot due to the unpredictable nature of her 6 year old daughter Melissa. Apart from nagging about food and clothes, recently Melissa nagged about her birthday theme. I and Christina had been planning a Tinkerbell party since long but Melissa’s whole day crying act made us take up the Dino theme. Here is how we converted her house to the jungle of the Jurassic park movie.

  • From the pavement till our main door, we drew dinosaur footprints using white chalk directing the guests towards the party area.
  • We used large-sized cardboard boxes to make a Jurassic-park entry and put a signboard on top of it stating ‘Let’s roar with the dinosaurs’. The guests really liked these Dinosaur Party Ideas.
  • When the guests entered the party area, they were greeted with a large-sized inflatable toy dinosaur. This big reptile was looking real and placed very close to the door. Many kids even screamed out of shock.
  • We didn’t create a very lively atmosphere; rather we tried to give it a wild look. Christina took YouTube’s help to learn how to make toy dinosaurs using paper. She and Melissa made above 50 varying sized paper dinosaur that we placed at strategic location around the party area.
  • The artificial grass carpet, 3 large tree-shaped cutouts, stuffed monkeys, deer, tiger, etc. some artificial flowers, green crepe paper, green tissue pompoms, and a rose room freshener helped us to transform our venue to the Jurassic park forest.
  • We bought some large plastic eggs, hide them around the area, and called them Dino eggs. Kids enjoyed hunting them.

Both Melissa and Christina were happy with the arrangements. It was the first time I was organizing a dinosaur themed party and, thankfully, it turned out to be a good one. The only thing I regret is that one of the guests cried out of fear by the unexpected presence of the toy dinosaur near the door.


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