Hello Kitty Birthday Party Favor Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Go Nuts

Hello Kitty has ruled the world for generations. This cute feline has won many hearts and therefore, has been featured in almost products along with the birthday party supplies. Since girls love it, mommies often consider her as a theme for their children’s parties. Finding the hello kitty party supplies will not be difficult, as they are available in almost every party store. The most brainstorming work of organizing a party is to decide the party favors. For Hello Kitty theme, here are some lucrative options.

Hello Kitty jewelry and fashion accessories

Girls and jewelry are inseparable; even if they have enough, they will still want one more. Search Hello Kitty theme jewelry online and you will get many affordable options. These budget-friendly favors will surely get you a lot of giggles. You can also give away fashion accessories such as hair clips, headbands, etc. depending on your budget.

Piggy bank

Encourage kids to save money by giving them Hello Kitty theme piggy banks. These banks will look like mini figurines of this lovable cat and can be a keepsake for kids. They are easily available at Walmart outlets and maybe with other party stores.


It sounds strange to give away flip flops but those who have tried them, have always got a positive response. Kids are tired of the same old stuffs and want something that is different and of course useful. Don’t buy just any favor that you liked or were within your budget. Analyze their utility and see if the girls would really be using them. Before buying flip flops call up the invitees and ask their sole size so that you don’t give away wrong sizes.

Goldfish crackers

For the little kittens why not consider giving away goldfish cracker? The shapes go well with the theme, whereas the yummy taste will satisfy their taste buds. Kids are bored of candies, mints, and other standard stuff but these crackers are surely going to delight them.

Keep reading this blog for many other interesting Hello Kitty Party Ideas.  


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