Host a Colorful Party for Your Child’s First Birthday

Most parents get anxious about choosing a theme for their child’s birthday. They always feel pressurized for planning a theme party but don’t really know which one to choose. Since, your child doesn’t have a favorite character yet; hosting a character theme party will not be relevant to him/her. If you are one of those parents who want to resist any particular character theme, a colorful party can be a breakthrough. Your one year old would love the color blast and therefore, mix and match Solid Color Party Supplies to create a vibrant atmosphere. If you can identify the specific colors that your child likes, prefer using them more. Here are some ideas for that will get you a rage of compliments for your party.

  • You can choose a single color or multiple colors as per your wish. If your child’s birthday falls during spring, host a Yellow Theme Birthday Party and use Green Party Supplies along with the yellow ones for giving a complete spring look. For a baby girl, you can choose only pink color and buy the supplies in various shades of pink.
  • A colorful balloon arch can give a fairy look to your ordinary entrance. Choose contrasting colors to get a brighter look.
  • Always choose brightly colored solid color party supplies, as kids like lively colors.
  • Blow up a lot of solid colored latex balloons using helium and let them float in the air. Small children are fond of balloons and would love to play with them. However, make sure that you discard every blown out piece immediately as they are a potential choking hazard.
  • Make banners using triangular cutouts made of multi colored craft paper and hang them across the ceiling to create a canopy design. Take a few tissue pom-poms and tie them together to form a bouquet. Attach this bouquet at the center of the canopy to make it look like a chandelier.
  • For your party table, buy the table cover and the tableware in contrasting colors so that the color comes out nice.

For more ideas on hosting your child’s first birthday party, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.


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