Ideas for Planning a Pinkalicious Birthday Theme Party for Your Little Daughter

Pinkalicious Birthday Theme PartyPinkalicious is a story of a young girl who loves to relish the pink cupcakes baked by her mother. This young girl resembles millions of other girls across the globe, who are crazy about cupcakes and this is the reason behind the popularity of the book Pinkalicious. If your daughter loves pink, a Pinkalicious birthday theme party is the best way to celebrate her special day. MyBirthdaySupplies shares some interesting ideas for hosting a Pink party!

  • This theme demands a lot of pink and therefore, try to incorporate this color as much as possible. Transform your house into a pink castle to give a royal treatment to all the cupcake lovers attending your party.
  • Using just one shade of pink will give a monotonous monotone look to your party. For creating a vibrant atmosphere, try a combination of multiple shades of pink such as light pink, baby pink, deep pink, and lavender. Choose contrasting shades to make your party visually appealing.
  • Plan your party well and order all your Pinkalicious Party Supplies in advance so that you don’t have to face last minute mess-ups. The Pinkalicious theme tableware, invitations, printed latex balloons, Mylar balloons, etc. are some of the must-haves for your party.
  • Kids are unpredictable and to protect your expensive table from any damage during your Pinkalicious birthday theme party, use our pinkalicious plastic table cover that will perfectly coordinate with the rest of the supplies.
  • To keep the kids busy, plan a lot of activities such as decorating the cupcakes. If the girls are above 10 years, you can also teach them how to bake cupcakes as a part of your party activity.
  • Pin the cherry on the cupcake, a variation of pin the tail on the donkey can be a great party game for the little ones. Our huge cupcake shaped piñata is indispensable for any Pinkalicious party. You can use it a centerpiece and later, as a party game.
  • Wrap pink tulle around the bottom of each chair and tie pink balloons to them. Use our Pinkalicious Party Supplies creatively to decorate the party area.
  • The Pinkalicious book is very popular among kids and therefore, can be given away as a party favor. If most of your guests have this book, consider giving Purplicious or Silverlicious. Slip them inside our Pinkalicious theme party bags and place these books on the table in a way that they look like decorative pieces. Later, give these bags away as party favors.

For more kids birthday party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.


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