Thank Your Guests For Attending Your Thanksgiving Party By Giving Away Extraordinary Favors

After your guests have enjoyed the dinner and the desserts, it’s time to thank them for making your party special. Give away favors that will serve as a keepsake and remind them about the wonderful moments they had at your party. While the store-bought party Thanksgiving party supplies such as favors are great options, you can always use your creations for thanking your guests. Here are some Thanksgiving party ideas for choosing favors that your guests will certainly appreciate.


Nothing can be better than giving away themed bookmarks as your fall party favor. If you are having a time-crunch, you can buy the pre-packaged ones available with many stores that sell Thanksgiving party supplies. For people, who are on shoestring budget, homemade bookmarks will be the perfect way to appreciate your guests for their presence. Cut out leaf shapes from turkey feathers, craft papers, or even metallic sheets and decorate them using glitter glue. Add a ribbon to make them your bookmarks.

Seasonal seeds

Why not encourage your guests to grow some seasonal vegetable in their own garden? Visit your local grocery store or farmer’s market and buy an assortment of various seasonal vegetable seeds such as pumpkin seeds, corns, etc. Pack them in individual zip lock pouches and give them away in burlap sacks or natural cotton bags.

Harvest vegetables and fruits

Instead of the seeds, you can give away various seasonal fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, squash, gourds, etc. Fill them in burlap bags and decorate the bags to give them a trendy look. Your guests would admire you for this healthy Thanksgiving party idea.

Soaps and scented candles

Spread the aroma of Thanksgiving by giving away these scented products. Candles and soaps of various shapes and sizes are available with all party supplies stores and are great party favors that will certainly fit in your budget.

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