Ben 10 Party Favors That Are Sure to Impress the Alien-Fighters Attending Your Party

Looking for some inexpensive party favor for your child’s Ben 10 Birthday Party? Here is a list of useful Ben 10 birthday party supplies that can be a great addition to your favor bags.

Edible Omnitrix

Bake some Omnitrix cookies at home, wrap them individually, and include them in your favor bags. First bake some standard cookies and when they are completely cool, use a black icing pen to draw Omnitrix shapes on them. Fill in the details using green, black, and white icing. Frost them and once the icing is set, pack them.

Omnitrix watches

This watch gives supernatural powers to Ben Tennyson and therefore, is a great option for your child’s Ben 10 Birthday Party. Omnitrix watches are available at most party supplies stores, Target stores, Walmart, etc. Let the little partygoers gain some extraordinary power by wearing them and start fantasizing.

Squirt guns

The young alien fighters need weapons to tackle the alien force and therefore, a squirt gun is sure to delight them. These guns are safe for all ages.

Coloring books and crayons

Give away these Ben 10 Birthday Party Supplies and let the kids paint their imagination. These are ideal for young kids and are sure to boost their creativity.

Alien and Ben 10 figurines

These collectibles are very inexpensive and can be found at any nearby Target or Dollar store. Give each child a pack of Ben Tennyson and some aliens and let them enjoy playing imagination games with them.

Apart from these, here are some other options that you may consider:

  • Ben 10 DVD
  • Stickers
  • Party dough
  • Glow in the dark bracelets
  • Ben 10 themed bubble toys
  • Ben 10 themed school supplies

MyBirthdaySupplies has a great collection of Ben 10 Birthday Supplies and party favors that we are offering at a heavily discounted price during this holiday season in order to spread happiness and cheer among the party goes. Shop now and stock up the supplies for your upcoming parties!


New Year Party Favor Ideas for Kids

Even if you are throwing an extravagant New Year party, your favors may not be expensive; all that your guests want is something that will keep reminding them about the fun time they had at your New Year eve’s party. For kids, the favors should be something that is useful and will let them have fun even after midnight. Here are some kids’ friendly New Year party ideas for favor that will help you delight your little guests.

Edible favors

Giving away individually wrapped cookies, handmade chocolate, cupcakes, and other edibles would be a great idea. If you are doing your New Year party planning in advance, make all these are home much before your party so that you don’t have to face last minute mess-ups. Wrap the nicely, tie a ribbon, and attach your message to it. This special and customized New Year party idea is sure to impress them.

New Year themed coloring book and crayons


Buy the prepackaged New Year themed coloring books or make them at home by printing some coloring pages and tying them together. Include a box of crayons as well so that the little ones spend hours trying their hands on them.

Party treats


Hats, blowouts, balloons, confetti, and other crafts are great favors for your New Year party. These supplies will keep your guests busy even after your party is over. Put all of them in a favor bag along with some cookies and chocolate and let the kids make merry welcoming the New Year.

Stationary and craft kit


A kit having a notebook, pen, stickers, crayons, and play dough would be a great delight for the little guests attending your New Year bash. We are offering all these and much more at a heavily discounted price to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season. Kids are sure to enjoy using these supplies for weeks to come.

Add a special touch to your New Year celebrations by giving away these fun-filled and kids’ friendly favors.

Princess Party Food That Will be a Perfect Royal Treat for Your Guests

For your child’s royal Pretty princess birthday party, make sure you serve some princess worthy food that complements your party theme. Your royal treat should be special and feminine so that the pretty princesses attending your party would daintily enjoy them. Here are some food ideas that are sure to satisfy the taste buds of the ladies attending your daughter’s royal affair.



This delicious lip smacking treat is a must-have for every birthday party. Instead of the regular pink frosting cupcakes, you can decorate them to make them look even more irresistible. Frost them in golden and silver colored frosting, use edible glitter to give them a royal look, stack strawberry slices on them, use fondant to craft out flowers on them, and do much more.


Some healthy and easy-to-relish appetizers that you may consider are

  • Crackers with cheese spread

  • Princess popcorn (use food coloring to give a pinkish hue to the popcorns)

  • Magic fairy toadstool (stuffed mushrooms)

  • Magic wands (use pretzel rods and star shaped rice krispies to make them)

  • Pink and white marshmallows

  • Veggie tray (call it enchanted forest veggie tray)

  • Cheese balls


Some of the royal beverages that the lovely girls at your Pretty princess birthday party would love to sip in are:


  • Pink princess punch made of pink lemonade and ginger ale

  • Apple cider

  • Grape juice

  • Pink lemonade

  • Strawberry tea

  • Cherry soda


Serve them in themed glasses or in champagne glasses to give them a royal look.


Main meal


Your food should look royal and also should be able to satisfy the appetites of the princesses attending your party. Here are some suggestions:


  • Star shaped sandwiches (use a cookie cutter for cutting them out)

  • Ham or turkey with cheese

  • Peanut butter and jelly

  • Royal drumstick

  • Princess yogurt and Granola

  • Pumpkin dip



Apart from the cupcakes and ice-cream, you can serve many other sweet treats to the ladies such as


  • Royal strawberries (dip strawberries in chocolate to give them a royal look)

  • Cotton candy

  • Pastel colored jelly beans

  • Princess lollipops

  • Cookies


Apart from this, have lots of fresh fruits for a healthy party meal. Serve your food in themed Pretty Princess Supplies such as cups, dessert plates, lunch plates, napkins, etc. This way, you will be able to make your party table the center of attraction.

First Birthday Party Themes That Will Make your Child’s Birthday a Fun Filled Affair

Your child’s first birthday is certainly is a big reason for you to celebrate in a grand way. With some careful planning, you can create wonderful memories that will last forever. Out of all, choosing the first birthday party theme remains a major concern for the parents. Since your child is too young to enjoy a lot of merrymaking, it is advisable to host a small party on a simple theme so that you can get maximum participation from the most important person- the birthday baby. Here are some themes that you can consider for celebrating your kid’s significant milestone.

Barnyard theme party


Transform your house into an old McDonald farm and have the people dressed up as farm animals. Kids love animals and therefore, this can be a great theme for your party. Your home will be the best venue for hosting first birthday parties. Buy the themed First Birthday Party Supplies featuring the barnyard animals so that the kids can enjoy the ambiance. Moreover, the disposable tableware will minimize your party mess.

Mickey and Minnie theme


These adorable Disney characters are loved by kids as well as adults. Ask your guests to dress up in their Minnie or Mickey attire and dress up your baby as well. Since you have the entire responsibility of your kid, buy the pre-packaged first birthday party supplies to ease your work. This theme is very popular for hosting first birthday parties and therefore, finding the themed Party Supplies will not be difficult for you. Keep your decoration simple by using lots of Mylar and printed latex balloons, streamers, crepe paper, stuffed Minnie and Mickey toys, etc.

Pink or blue balloon theme birthday party

1st birthday party

This simple but vibrant first birthday party theme is great for toddlers. At this age, kids enjoy bright colors and therefore, your child will enjoy this theme the most. Use lots of Mylar and latex balloons for beautifying the party venue. The number one shaped balloons would be a great addition to your party decor. Supplies such as tableware, blowouts, party hats, etc. featuring lots of pink or blue balloons along with the ‘number one’ will perfectly coordinate with your theme.

Birthday princess party


This is the perfect theme for celebrating your one year old daughter’s special day. She will surely love to be dressed up in a lovely hue of pink. Ask the guests to dress up as princess or prince and give them a royal treatment. Your child will not be able to understand the significance behind all these but she will surely love the enticing decoration in pink, purple, and white colors. Create a castle out of a cardboard box; she and her friends would love to crawl or walk in and out of it. Have some age specific food and favors to treat your guests.

Apart from these, there are many other interesting first birthday themes such as jungle safari, Sesame Street, dinosaur, etc. You can choose any theme you want but make sure you do not invite too many people, as your child will not be comfortable with the strange faces. You have to keep your child relaxed and incorporate his/her daily routine conveniently so that both you as well your child can have fun.