First Birthday Party Themes That Will Make your Child’s Birthday a Fun Filled Affair

Your child’s first birthday is certainly is a big reason for you to celebrate in a grand way. With some careful planning, you can create wonderful memories that will last forever. Out of all, choosing the first birthday party theme remains a major concern for the parents. Since your child is too young to enjoy a lot of merrymaking, it is advisable to host a small party on a simple theme so that you can get maximum participation from the most important person- the birthday baby. Here are some themes that you can consider for celebrating your kid’s significant milestone.

Barnyard theme party


Transform your house into an old McDonald farm and have the people dressed up as farm animals. Kids love animals and therefore, this can be a great theme for your party. Your home will be the best venue for hosting first birthday parties. Buy the themed First Birthday Party Supplies featuring the barnyard animals so that the kids can enjoy the ambiance. Moreover, the disposable tableware will minimize your party mess.

Mickey and Minnie theme


These adorable Disney characters are loved by kids as well as adults. Ask your guests to dress up in their Minnie or Mickey attire and dress up your baby as well. Since you have the entire responsibility of your kid, buy the pre-packaged first birthday party supplies to ease your work. This theme is very popular for hosting first birthday parties and therefore, finding the themed Party Supplies will not be difficult for you. Keep your decoration simple by using lots of Mylar and printed latex balloons, streamers, crepe paper, stuffed Minnie and Mickey toys, etc.

Pink or blue balloon theme birthday party

1st birthday party

This simple but vibrant first birthday party theme is great for toddlers. At this age, kids enjoy bright colors and therefore, your child will enjoy this theme the most. Use lots of Mylar and latex balloons for beautifying the party venue. The number one shaped balloons would be a great addition to your party decor. Supplies such as tableware, blowouts, party hats, etc. featuring lots of pink or blue balloons along with the ‘number one’ will perfectly coordinate with your theme.

Birthday princess party


This is the perfect theme for celebrating your one year old daughter’s special day. She will surely love to be dressed up in a lovely hue of pink. Ask the guests to dress up as princess or prince and give them a royal treatment. Your child will not be able to understand the significance behind all these but she will surely love the enticing decoration in pink, purple, and white colors. Create a castle out of a cardboard box; she and her friends would love to crawl or walk in and out of it. Have some age specific food and favors to treat your guests.

Apart from these, there are many other interesting first birthday themes such as jungle safari, Sesame Street, dinosaur, etc. You can choose any theme you want but make sure you do not invite too many people, as your child will not be comfortable with the strange faces. You have to keep your child relaxed and incorporate his/her daily routine conveniently so that both you as well your child can have fun.


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