Princess Party Food That Will be a Perfect Royal Treat for Your Guests

For your child’s royal Pretty princess birthday party, make sure you serve some princess worthy food that complements your party theme. Your royal treat should be special and feminine so that the pretty princesses attending your party would daintily enjoy them. Here are some food ideas that are sure to satisfy the taste buds of the ladies attending your daughter’s royal affair.



This delicious lip smacking treat is a must-have for every birthday party. Instead of the regular pink frosting cupcakes, you can decorate them to make them look even more irresistible. Frost them in golden and silver colored frosting, use edible glitter to give them a royal look, stack strawberry slices on them, use fondant to craft out flowers on them, and do much more.


Some healthy and easy-to-relish appetizers that you may consider are

  • Crackers with cheese spread

  • Princess popcorn (use food coloring to give a pinkish hue to the popcorns)

  • Magic fairy toadstool (stuffed mushrooms)

  • Magic wands (use pretzel rods and star shaped rice krispies to make them)

  • Pink and white marshmallows

  • Veggie tray (call it enchanted forest veggie tray)

  • Cheese balls


Some of the royal beverages that the lovely girls at your Pretty princess birthday party would love to sip in are:


  • Pink princess punch made of pink lemonade and ginger ale

  • Apple cider

  • Grape juice

  • Pink lemonade

  • Strawberry tea

  • Cherry soda


Serve them in themed glasses or in champagne glasses to give them a royal look.


Main meal


Your food should look royal and also should be able to satisfy the appetites of the princesses attending your party. Here are some suggestions:


  • Star shaped sandwiches (use a cookie cutter for cutting them out)

  • Ham or turkey with cheese

  • Peanut butter and jelly

  • Royal drumstick

  • Princess yogurt and Granola

  • Pumpkin dip



Apart from the cupcakes and ice-cream, you can serve many other sweet treats to the ladies such as


  • Royal strawberries (dip strawberries in chocolate to give them a royal look)

  • Cotton candy

  • Pastel colored jelly beans

  • Princess lollipops

  • Cookies


Apart from this, have lots of fresh fruits for a healthy party meal. Serve your food in themed Pretty Princess Supplies such as cups, dessert plates, lunch plates, napkins, etc. This way, you will be able to make your party table the center of attraction.


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