Kids Party Planning Basics That You Must Know

Kids’ birthday parties are no more just simple affairs involving balloons, cake, and gifts. Over the years, kids’ parties have evolved into full-fledged affairs emphasizing everything right from invitations to the favors. If are new to organizing such parties and need guidance, here are a few ground rules that you must keep in mind.

  • Go beyond the conventional parties and make every effort you can to host a memorable birthday for your child. Send our formal invites, create a festive atmosphere for your little guests, plan some structured, age-related activities for your guests, serve them kids’-friendly food, and, when they are about to leave your party, give away some delightful favors that they will be able to enjoy for weeks or months to come.
  • Start planning your party in advance. This will give you ample time to brainstorm and come up with unique and creative Kids Birthday Party ideas.
  • Choosing a theme is not mandatory but hosting a theme party will make it easier to plan the party along with giving a coordinated look to the entire celebrations. Your theme can be anything that your child likes such as his favorite characters, sports, animals, colors, etc.
  • Planning a fabulous party for your child doesn’t necessarily require you to spend a lot of money. You can conveniently plan your party as per your budget. First decide the budget and then plan accordingly. Your guest list, food, favors, decorations, etc. should be based on your budget.
  • Buying the prepackaged kids birthday party supplies such as disposable tableware, decoration supplies, invitation and thank you notes, favors, etc. will help you plan a rocking party without straining yourself. This little extra expenditure is sure to give a special and coordinated look to your party. Moreover, using disposable kids birthday party supplies is better than using your expensive china.
  • Make sure you plan some interesting party activities for the little ones attending your party. Try to twist the conventional games and incorporate your party theme into them. Keeping the kids entertained and engaged is one of the biggest factors for hosting a successful kids’ party.
  • Give away favors that are sure to delight your little guests. Apart from giving away the conventional candies and mint, try giving away useful favor such as coloring book, picture books, crayons, party dough, bounce balls, jewelry, etc. Such favors will remind the guests about the fun time they had at your party.

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Food Ideas For Hosting A Roaring Dinosaur Theme Birthday Party



Make your child’s dinosaur birthday party even more interesting by incorporating this theme in every aspect of your party including the food. Here are some food ideas that are sure to make the kids roar out of excitement.


These sandwiches are sure to make them feel as if they are more ferocious than the real dinos. Use dinosaur and bone shaped cookie cutters to cut sandwiches and even the cheese slices. Serve them with ketchup naming it as dinosaur dip. Use disposable Dinosaur Birthday Supplies featuring these toothy creatures instead of your regular china in order to prevent any breakages along with impressing your little guests.

Dino eggs

Buy some plastic eggs and fill them with Jell-O. At the center, insert dino-shaped candies and refrigerate for a couple of hours or until the jell-o is set. Cover your serving bowl with dried straw to make it look like a nest and use it for serving these eggs. You can also give them away as party favors.

Dino egg cupcakes

Cover your ordinary cupcakes with green icing using a thin star tipped piping to resemble grass. At the center, place a speckled candy egg to resemble as if the dino egg is lying alone on the grass. These cupcakes are sure to be a big hit at your child’s dinosaur birthday party.

Gummy wormy ice pops

Fill some small plastic cups with green apple juice. You can even add a small pinch of neon food coloring if the juice is not very green in color. Add some edible gummy worms and bugs to this juice, seal the cups using plastic wraps, and insert Popsicle sticks at the center. Freeze them until done, remove the plastic cups, and serve these gummy wormy treats to your dino lovers.

Lava juice

To make authentic lava juice, pour 3 parts of orange sherbet in 7 parts of red punch. You can either serve it as such or put some gummy dinosaurs in the mixture.

Creatively rename every food you serve in order to make your menu look as interesting as the dinosaurs themselves. Serve them in themed Dinosaur Birthday Supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, etc. to make them look delicious and irresistible.


Speed Racer Party Activities that will add a lot of fun to your party

Speed racer

Party games are a great way to entertain your guests as well as add a fun element to your celebrations. These activities liven up your party and make your guests laugh, talk, and learn to do some team work. For kids, the game should be adventurous, enjoyable, and at the same time, not very difficult to play. If you are looking for some fun activities for your child’s Speed Racer birthday party, these ideas are sure to help you.

Pinata Game

Speed racer pinata

Buy a Speed Racer pinata and fill it with tempting treats such as toy cars, blowouts, sticker sheets, candies, key chains, and other Speed Racer birthday supplies. Buy a pull-string piñata for the safety of young kids. Pinata game is a big hit among kids; therefore, have this activity to keep your guests busy for hours.

Pin the Wheel on the Car

Customize the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ to make it fit in your party theme. Download a picture of a car and use a photo editing software to remove one of its tires. Print it and paste it on a wall. Get some cut outs of tires, put double-sided tape on them, blindfold the players, and ask them to pin the tire at the exact place. You can also buy this prepackaged game from stores that sell Speed Racer birthday supplies.

Tire Race

Buy some old tires from a car repair shop. Demarcate a starting line and a finishing line, divide the players into two teams, and ask them to roll the tire down from the starting line till the finishing line and back. The players can work together or choose one member from the team to do this. To make the game interesting, you can place some obstacles on the path. The first team to complete the task will be the winner.

Car Race

Get some inexpensive remote-controlled cars and let the kids race against each other. This game is great for kids above 5 years. For younger kids, you can have a toy car racing game.

These party games will surely excite your little guests to start their engines and gear up for some Speed Racer birthday party fun.

Sesame Street Cake Pop Ideas

Cake pops, a no-fuss dessert on stick, are adorable sweet treats that are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Since they resemble lollipops, kids love relishing them. Although they look very difficult to make, these impressive treats won’t take a lot of your time. Instead of having the conventional ones, make them match your party themes so that they quickly double up as a centerpiece. If you are hosting a Sesame Street Birthday Party for your little one, here is how you can make cake pops featuring various Sesame street characters.



Elmo cake pops

  • Buy prepackaged cake pops from your nearby bakery and dip them in red colored candy coating.
  • When the coating is wet, attach orange jelly beans to make Elmo’s nose, halved candy melt for the mouth, and white chocolate coated espresso beans for eyes. Use ink pen to draw the pupils.
  • When the coating is dry, scatter some more coating on it to give it a furry look.
  • Let them dry completely before you serve them.

Cookie monster cake pops

  • Instead of using red candy coating, use blue coating to cover the prepackaged cake pops.
  • Use white chocolate coated espresso beans for making the eyes and draw the pupils using an edible pen. Make sure both the pupils are towards the inner side of the face.
  • Cut a candy melt into two unequal halves and use the larger half for making cookie monster’s mouth.
  • When dried, scatter some more blue coating across the cake pop but make sure the coating is very thick around the mouth to give it a realistic look.

Oscar cake pops

  • Reshape the cake balls to craft out a mouth at the center.
  • Dip them in green colored cake coating and insert two halved candy melts at the engraved portion to make Oscar’s mouth. To complete the look, draw a red heart inside the mouth using red candy writer.
  • Use white chocolate coated espresso beans for making eyes and draw the pupils using edible pen.
  • Draw the eyebrows using brown candy writer.
  • Once the coating is set, give it a furry look by sprinkling some coating unevenly over it, especially around the mouth.

These cake pops are sure to be the center of attraction of your Sesame street birthday party. Place a glass tumbler at the center of the party table and use it for holding these cake pops. This will be a fabulous centerpiece for your party. You can also wrap them individually in cellophane paper and give them away as favors. Your little guests are sure to like this sweet Sesame Street party idea.