Sesame Street Cake Pop Ideas

Cake pops, a no-fuss dessert on stick, are adorable sweet treats that are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Since they resemble lollipops, kids love relishing them. Although they look very difficult to make, these impressive treats won’t take a lot of your time. Instead of having the conventional ones, make them match your party themes so that they quickly double up as a centerpiece. If you are hosting a Sesame Street Birthday Party for your little one, here is how you can make cake pops featuring various Sesame street characters.



Elmo cake pops

  • Buy prepackaged cake pops from your nearby bakery and dip them in red colored candy coating.
  • When the coating is wet, attach orange jelly beans to make Elmo’s nose, halved candy melt for the mouth, and white chocolate coated espresso beans for eyes. Use ink pen to draw the pupils.
  • When the coating is dry, scatter some more coating on it to give it a furry look.
  • Let them dry completely before you serve them.

Cookie monster cake pops

  • Instead of using red candy coating, use blue coating to cover the prepackaged cake pops.
  • Use white chocolate coated espresso beans for making the eyes and draw the pupils using an edible pen. Make sure both the pupils are towards the inner side of the face.
  • Cut a candy melt into two unequal halves and use the larger half for making cookie monster’s mouth.
  • When dried, scatter some more blue coating across the cake pop but make sure the coating is very thick around the mouth to give it a realistic look.

Oscar cake pops

  • Reshape the cake balls to craft out a mouth at the center.
  • Dip them in green colored cake coating and insert two halved candy melts at the engraved portion to make Oscar’s mouth. To complete the look, draw a red heart inside the mouth using red candy writer.
  • Use white chocolate coated espresso beans for making eyes and draw the pupils using edible pen.
  • Draw the eyebrows using brown candy writer.
  • Once the coating is set, give it a furry look by sprinkling some coating unevenly over it, especially around the mouth.

These cake pops are sure to be the center of attraction of your Sesame street birthday party. Place a glass tumbler at the center of the party table and use it for holding these cake pops. This will be a fabulous centerpiece for your party. You can also wrap them individually in cellophane paper and give them away as favors. Your little guests are sure to like this sweet Sesame Street party idea.


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