How To Transform Your Party Venue into The Island of Sodor For Your Child’s Thomas The Engine Party

Thomas and the other residents of the Island of  Sodor are extremely popular among kids and therefore, if you have a young child who adores this cute engine and his friends, a Thomas the Tank birthday party would be a great treat for him. Due to the wide availability of  Thomas & friends birthday supplies, pulling off this party would be much easier than you can imagine. However, in order to make your party stand out of the crowd, you need to use some creative ideas. From decorations to food and favors, every aspect of your party should be carefully planned so that your guests keep talking about your party for days to come. Here are some decoration ideas that are sure to make your guests feel as if they are in the Island of  Sodor.

Driveway decoration

Buy some large-sized cardboard boxes and dismantle them. Use them to cover your driveway and entryway. Now use black electrical tape to draw train tracks on them. This wonderful entry decoration is sure to make your guests feel as if they are entering the island of  Sodor. To add more excitement, you can draw some road signs on circular cardboard cutouts and use them for directing your guests towards the party venue.

Balloon wreath on the entry door


A balloon wreath made of blue, white, and red latex balloons along with a welcome message is sure to make your guests jump out of excitement. Making this craft is very easy and inexpensive. To make this wreath, you will need a circular foam wreath, lots of balloons, ball head pins, a ribbon for hanging, and a welcome message printed on a cardstock. Pin up the balloons on the foam until it is completely covered. On the reverse side, tie up a ribbon for hanging and paste the cardstock having the welcome message. Bingo! Your balloon wreath is ready.

Party table decoration

Give a coordinated look to your party table by using the required Thomas & friends birthday supplies such as tableware, table cover, centerpiece, etc. Cover the table with a blue table cover and use black cardboard cutouts to make its wheels. For centerpiece, you can use your child’s Thomas the tank engine toy and attach a couple of solid latex and a Mylar balloon to it. The party food, especially the cakes and cupcakes will also help you in jazzing up your party table.

Ceiling and wall decoration

  • Use blue, white, and red streamers to decorate the wall behind your party table. Paste one end of the streamers on the top portion of the wall, carefully twist the rest portion lengthwise, and paste the other end of the streamer near the floor. Use this technique to cover the whole wall.
  • Triangle flags in red, blue, and yellow colors will best adorn the doorways.
  • Use blue and red balloons to decorate the ceiling.

These ideas are sure to jazz up your child’s Thomas the Tank birthday party. For interesting ideas and supplies, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.


How To Give A Festive Look To Your Garden For Your Child’s Garden Girl Birthday Party

Spring is almost here and it’s time to move out of the house and enjoy the lovely weather. If you are yet to decide a theme for your child’s upcoming birthday, why not consider hosting a garden girl birthday party for her! Kids would love to be outdoors and try their hands at gardening. Pulling up a fabulous party would be much easier with our wide collection of garden girl birthday supplies. Although the outside atmosphere will be fabulous, you have to work a bit in order to jazz it up for the celebrations. Here are some garden girl decoration ideas that will help you to add charm to your venue along with creating a perfect atmosphere for the little gardeners.

  • Create a perfect entrance to your garden party. Welcome your guests and direct them towards your party area by decorating the entire driveway and pathway. Use large-sized cutouts of butterflies, dragonflies, fairies etc. throughout the pathway to get them into the party mood.
  • Place some gardening tools such as spade, shovel, watering can, etc. at one corner of the entrance in order to give it an authentic look.
  • Depending on your budget, you may use garden statuary such as fairies or gnomes right at the entrance along with a welcome sign to greet your guests.
  • Fresh flowers are sure to give a refreshing look to your party venue. Buy or make a flower wreath and hang it on your front gate, use flowered pots as centerpieces, and use flower petals as confetti.
  • Get creative and use fresh decorative pots to hold your snacks, jellies, and other dry items. These food-filled pots are sure you make your table the center of attraction. To complete the look of the table, use our garden girl birthday supplies such as cups, plates, napkins, table cover, and much more.
  • Make some tissue pompoms or paper lanterns at home and hang them from the tea branches.

These extraordinary garden girl decoration ideas are sure to be admired by your guests. Apart from them, use the basic birthday party supplies such as balloons, crepe paper, banners, etc. to adorn your party venue. For more innovative ideas, please visit MyBirthdaySupplies.

First Birthday Party Things You Must do to Avoid Irritating Your Baby

BabyWhether you are hosting a small intimate party or an extravagant affair, throwing a successful first birthday party is a daunting task. Your child is too young to understand the significance of all the celebrations, whereas you as a parent want to make his day memorable. In order to make this event successful you need to ensure that your baby is at his comfort so that he is happy during the entire party duration. A tired and fretful baby will spoil the fun. Here are a few things you must do in order to avoid any unpleasant situation at your baby’s first birthday party.

Host a short party

Babies in their first year need a good amount of sleep and get tired too easily. Moreover, the longer the party, the more preparations you would need. Therefore, a short party would be a great way to celebrate this special day in a special way. The number of guests should be of your choice but prefer inviting your family and close friends only so that it’s easier to manage your baby as well as the party proceedings.

Schedule your baby’s naptime

If possible, organize the party at a time when you know your child will be awake and active. You may prefer to schedule your baby’s naptime in a way that it doesn’t fall between your party duration. Start scheduling your baby’s naptime at least a week before the party.

Have your party at home or at a convenient location

If you are at home, it will be easier for you to manage things. For example; you can make him sleep if he is sleepy or quickly warm up his food and make him eat in case he is hungry. For outdoor venues, you have to plan things in advance. Moreover, if you missed something, you may have to face a troubled time.

Make things as simple as possible

First birthdays are not the occasion when you should be more concern about food, fun, and entertainment. Make your arrangements as per your convenience. Have a potluck if you cannot make the entire food at home or simply serve some snacks and desserts instead of proper meals. Minimize your after-party mess by using disposable First Birthday Party Supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, etc. Choose a simple first birthday party theme in order to give a coordinated look to your party. You may even have a non-themed party but having a theme will make it easier for you to plan the details of the celebrations. This way, you won’t have to spend much time on preparations and would be able to take care of your baby and yourself.

The key to host a successful first birthday is to keep your guest of honor happy. The happier they are, the more cheerful will be the party atmosphere.

5 Top-Selling Birthday Party Favors For Adventure-Loving Boys

If your child and his little guests fantasize becoming Spiderman, Ben Tennyson, or a Pirate, make sure you send them home with some adventure-laden favors that will make them feel like real heroes. Whatever be your party themes, these kids birthday party favors are great choices for boys between 4 to 10 years of age. The adorable birthday party favor supplies offered by MyBirthdaySupplies are sure to let your guests have fun for days and even weeks to come. Here are our top selling favors for boys’ birthday parties.

Squirt guns


This summertime toy will empower the little ones to shoot the bad men around them, do hours of target practice, or simply have fun time with friends and family. This toy is extremely popular among kids and therefore, would be a great addition to your party bags.

Gold coins


The treasure hunters attending your party will be delighted to receive this real treasure. Give away some chocolate gold coins and let the little ones enjoy these yummy kids birthday party favors for days. They are very inexpensive and are sure to energize your guests.

Winner medals


This favor is sure to give a sense of achievement to the little ones and therefore, is a must-have for the adventure-enthusiasts attending your party. Winner medals will become keepsake and will keep reminding the little ones about the fun time they had at your party.

Bounce balls


This inexpensive timeless toy is sure to provide hours of fun to the little ones. While giving them away, tell the kids that this is a magic ball that can be used for fighting against the criminals. Boys love these bouncy toys and therefore, these balls would be a fun addition to your favor bags.



Motivate the little heroes attending your party by giving away these rubber wristbands that have motivational words engraved on them. These wristbands are a popular choice for kids and tweens. Spirit wristbands are our hot sellers and are available in attractive colors.

Apart from all these, MyBirthdaySupplies has an adorable collection of birthday party favor supplies that are sure to delight your little guests. Shop now!

Transform Your House into Cinderella’s Castle For Your Child’s Birthday


If your young girl is fascinated with Cinderella and you are hosting a Cinderella birthday party for her, make sure you go all out and transform your party venue into a castle. Whimsical decorations are sure to set the mood for your party and heighten the excitement among your beautiful guests. Here are some decoration ideas that will help you give a fairyland look to your party.

Entry door decoration

Let your entrance feature Cinderella’s old life. Decorate your driveway and porch with pumpkins, mice, mop, blue birds, etc. If your budget permits, buy or rent a mannequin and dress her up like Cinderella. Later, you can use this as a prop for your photographs.

Ceiling decorations


Drape white, blue, and lavender colored streamers from the ceiling to give a whimsical look to the venue. Also string your white Christmas light to the ceiling to get the perfect fairytale glow. Fill some blue and white balloons with helium and let them float in the air.

Table decoration

  • Transform all your guest chairs into thrones by draping pink or purple satin fabric on them. Make some big-sized velvet ribbons and attach them to the back of the chairs for giving them a royal look.
  • Either buy a prepackaged Cinderella birthday party centerpiece or make your own. Pumpkin coach centerpiece would be a great Cinderella birthday party idea. Spray paint a fake pumpkin with white paint and when it’s completely dry, insert two dowels at its bottom. Take out two wheels from your child’s toy car and attach one at each end of the dowel.
  • Use tiaras as place cards. The girls can put them on after they have taken their seats. This cute idea is sure to be admired by your guests.

Wall decoration

Use posters of Cinderella and your daughter dresses up as her favorite princess for decorating your walls. Fill up the rest of the space with stickers or cutouts of blue birds, mice, castles, pumpkin carriages, etc.

 These Cinderella birthday party ideas are sure to help you create a perfect party atmosphere for your little daughter’s birthday.