Transform Your House into Cinderella’s Castle For Your Child’s Birthday


If your young girl is fascinated with Cinderella and you are hosting a Cinderella birthday party for her, make sure you go all out and transform your party venue into a castle. Whimsical decorations are sure to set the mood for your party and heighten the excitement among your beautiful guests. Here are some decoration ideas that will help you give a fairyland look to your party.

Entry door decoration

Let your entrance feature Cinderella’s old life. Decorate your driveway and porch with pumpkins, mice, mop, blue birds, etc. If your budget permits, buy or rent a mannequin and dress her up like Cinderella. Later, you can use this as a prop for your photographs.

Ceiling decorations


Drape white, blue, and lavender colored streamers from the ceiling to give a whimsical look to the venue. Also string your white Christmas light to the ceiling to get the perfect fairytale glow. Fill some blue and white balloons with helium and let them float in the air.

Table decoration

  • Transform all your guest chairs into thrones by draping pink or purple satin fabric on them. Make some big-sized velvet ribbons and attach them to the back of the chairs for giving them a royal look.
  • Either buy a prepackaged Cinderella birthday party centerpiece or make your own. Pumpkin coach centerpiece would be a great Cinderella birthday party idea. Spray paint a fake pumpkin with white paint and when it’s completely dry, insert two dowels at its bottom. Take out two wheels from your child’s toy car and attach one at each end of the dowel.
  • Use tiaras as place cards. The girls can put them on after they have taken their seats. This cute idea is sure to be admired by your guests.

Wall decoration

Use posters of Cinderella and your daughter dresses up as her favorite princess for decorating your walls. Fill up the rest of the space with stickers or cutouts of blue birds, mice, castles, pumpkin carriages, etc.

 These Cinderella birthday party ideas are sure to help you create a perfect party atmosphere for your little daughter’s birthday.


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