How To Transform Your Party Venue into The Island of Sodor For Your Child’s Thomas The Engine Party

Thomas and the other residents of the Island of  Sodor are extremely popular among kids and therefore, if you have a young child who adores this cute engine and his friends, a Thomas the Tank birthday party would be a great treat for him. Due to the wide availability of  Thomas & friends birthday supplies, pulling off this party would be much easier than you can imagine. However, in order to make your party stand out of the crowd, you need to use some creative ideas. From decorations to food and favors, every aspect of your party should be carefully planned so that your guests keep talking about your party for days to come. Here are some decoration ideas that are sure to make your guests feel as if they are in the Island of  Sodor.

Driveway decoration

Buy some large-sized cardboard boxes and dismantle them. Use them to cover your driveway and entryway. Now use black electrical tape to draw train tracks on them. This wonderful entry decoration is sure to make your guests feel as if they are entering the island of  Sodor. To add more excitement, you can draw some road signs on circular cardboard cutouts and use them for directing your guests towards the party venue.

Balloon wreath on the entry door


A balloon wreath made of blue, white, and red latex balloons along with a welcome message is sure to make your guests jump out of excitement. Making this craft is very easy and inexpensive. To make this wreath, you will need a circular foam wreath, lots of balloons, ball head pins, a ribbon for hanging, and a welcome message printed on a cardstock. Pin up the balloons on the foam until it is completely covered. On the reverse side, tie up a ribbon for hanging and paste the cardstock having the welcome message. Bingo! Your balloon wreath is ready.

Party table decoration

Give a coordinated look to your party table by using the required Thomas & friends birthday supplies such as tableware, table cover, centerpiece, etc. Cover the table with a blue table cover and use black cardboard cutouts to make its wheels. For centerpiece, you can use your child’s Thomas the tank engine toy and attach a couple of solid latex and a Mylar balloon to it. The party food, especially the cakes and cupcakes will also help you in jazzing up your party table.

Ceiling and wall decoration

  • Use blue, white, and red streamers to decorate the wall behind your party table. Paste one end of the streamers on the top portion of the wall, carefully twist the rest portion lengthwise, and paste the other end of the streamer near the floor. Use this technique to cover the whole wall.
  • Triangle flags in red, blue, and yellow colors will best adorn the doorways.
  • Use blue and red balloons to decorate the ceiling.

These ideas are sure to jazz up your child’s Thomas the Tank birthday party. For interesting ideas and supplies, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.


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