Party Favors That Will Give An Action-Filled Ending To Your Child’s Spiderman Theme Party

Send home your wanna-be Spiderman guests with some adventure-laden favors that will let them have fun even after the party is over. Such favors will keep them in party spirit for days to come, thereby making your celebrations a memorable affair. Here is what you must include in your favor bags.

Plastic or edible spiders

Your loot bags will be incomplete without them. Include a big-sized plastic spider in each loot bag and tag it as the magical radioactive spider that has given supernatural powers to their favorite action hero. These Spiderman birthday supplies are sure to let the kids start their imagination. Instead of plastic spiders, you can also give away the chocolate spiders and include a note stating that they have to be eaten to get supernatural powers like a Spiderman.

Silly strings

They perfectly go well with your party theme and are therefore, a must-have for your favor bags. Moreover, kids are fond of playing with silly strings. To add a personal touch to the cans of silly strings, attach a tag on them and write ‘great power comes with great responsibility’. Avoid giving them away to kids below 5 years.

Spiderman masks


Let the little ones feel like real superheroes by giving away these black and red Spiderman masks. These Spiderman birthday supplies feature Spiderman’s face and are sure to be a valuable addition to your child’s party. MyBirthdaySupplies offers masks that are made of durable card stock and have strings for wearing. Order them now to start assorting your child’s Spiderman birthday party favor bags.

Themed coloring book & crayons


These inexpensive but educational favors are sure to keep the kids busy for days to come. Use the coloring books and crayons for various party activities and later, give them away as favors. Most mommies consider them as a better option as compared to giving away sugar-laden candies.

Spiderman licensed products

This crime-fighter is so popular that the retail stores are filled with various licensed products such as pez dispenser, school stationery, Sippy cups, bounce balls, stickers, and much more. Choose the products that perfectly match your party budget.

Spiderman comic book

Reading the latest comic book of the Spiderman series is sure to be the most delightful job for the little ones. Customize it by writing or attaching a thank you note on the cover page of each book. You can even include a spider-shaped bookmark and write your thank you message on it.

Apart from these you can always consider the conventional edible favors such as Spiderman theme cookies, candies, etc. If you like these Spiderman favor ideas get associated with us by liking our Facebook page. For other interesting Spiderman birthday party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.


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