How To Keep Your Justin Crazy Fans Busy During Your Party


If your teen or tween daughter is crazy about Justin Bieber, a Justin Bieber birthday party is sure to make her feel special on her birthday. Pulling off this party would be much easier with the help of complementing Justin Bieber Party Supplies. For some exciting moments, organize fun games and activities that will get the girls roll with laughter. Here are some ideas that you may consider.

Justin Bieber pinata


Pinata are great birthday party games that are enjoyed by both kids and adults alike; so why not have a pinata featuring this singing icon! The ladies at your party might not want to hit at the love of their life, so make sure you fill this pinata with things that are simply irresistible such as purple earrings, theme straws, etc. This pinata can quickly double up as a party decoration as well.

Plant a kiss on Justin poster

Who wouldn’t love kissing this cutest singing icon! Hang a Justin Bieber poster on the wall, ask your guests to put on bright red lipstick, and plant a kiss on his lips. Instead of real lipstick, you can have them paste the lip-shaped stickers. Award the winner who has planted the kiss at its exact place or approximately closest to it. Girls are sure to go crazy for this game.

Identify the lyrics

Play some popular songs of Justin Bieber for a few seconds and let the ladies guess which song is it. Ask them to sing the rest of the lyrics. You can either have this as a team activity or let them play at an individual level. To create more excitement, mix two or three songs together and ask them to guess the songs.

Justin’s signature dance moves

Divide your tween guests into teams, give each team a song of Justin, and ask them to choreograph a dance using Justin’s signature dance moves. Let everyone vote to select the best performer and award the winner.

These wonderful party activities will surely entertain your guests and give them loads of fun and happiness. For more birthday party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.


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