Sweetest and Easiest Strawberry Shortcake Party Ideas

After the reemergence of Strawberry Shortcake in 2006, this berry sweet character has become extremely popular among kids. From coloring books to stickers, Strawberry Shortcake Supplies are in demand these days and no wonder this little imaginary character makes a perfect theme for hosting girls birthday parties. If you have a Strawberry Shortcake fan at home, here is how you can plan a berry special birthday for her.



  • Our prepackaged invites are the simplest and easiest way to invite people to your party. These invites feature Strawberry Shortcake along with ‘You are invited’ message on the top. They come with white envelopes so that you can conveniently mail them.
  • Craft out strawberry shapes from pink cardstock and decorate the front side with our Strawberry Shortcake stickers, glitter glue, strawberry shaped buttons, etc. Write your party details on the opposite side and mail them in white envelops.


  • Inflate our Strawberry Shortcake shaped balloon and use it for decorating your entrance. This will make your guests feel as if their beloved Strawberry Shortcake is welcoming them to the party.


  • Use our pink and white colored solid latex balloons and hot pink polka dot balloons to jazz up your party venue for your sweetest celebration. Club them together and use a Strawberry Shortcake stuffed toy or our pink balloon weight to anchor them. This could be a wonderful centerpiece for your party table.
  • Our cutest collection of Strawberry Shortcake tableware will help you give a well-coordinated look to your party table along with minimizing your party mess.
  • Jazz up the tabletops with our themed confetti and use our danglers to decorate the ceilings and doorways.


  • Use a strawberry-scented room freshener to add sweetness to your party atmosphere.


  • Pizzas, sandwiches, and hot-dogs are the most convenient options.
  • If you want your party food to look in line with your party theme, serve something that is pink, white, or green.
  • Strawberry shaped sugar cookies, flower or butterfly shaped sandwiches, strawberry flavored croissants, salad, and smoothies will perfectly match your party theme.

Games and activities:


  • The choice of games should be based on the age group of the players. Always choose games that are safe to play and would be enjoyed by all.
  • Customize the conventional ‘Pin the tail’ game and ask your guests to pin the leaf on the Strawberry. Draw a strawberry on a poster board and ask kids to stick the leaf cutouts on it. This game is readily available with us.
  • Strawberry toss would be a fun activity for the Strawberry lovers attending your party. Make some pink colored bean bags in the shape of strawberries and ask girls to toss them in a large box.
  • Buy our Strawberry shaped piñata and let the kids break it open to release the sweet treat.



Our vast collection of inexpensive such as bracelets, blowouts, sticker sheets, etc. are sure to be a valuable addition to your berry special party bags. We also have many other kids party favors that you may consider such as pink heart jewelry, party bubbles, heart-shaped bracelets, hair clips, cute girl rings, pink satin clips, etc.

We hope these berry easy party ideas help you pull off a grand party with much ease. For more such interesting ideas and low-cost party supplies, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.


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