Inexpensive But Fun-Filled Favors for Kids’ Birthdays

Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for their presence and make them feel special. They don’t necessarily have to be pricey. Depending on your budget, you can even choose inexpensive favors that appeal your guests and remind them about the fun they had at your party. Here are our 5 top selling kids’ birthday party favors that will not hurt your pockets. They can fit in almost all party themes and can be given away to kids of all ages.

Party Bubbles



Kids are crazy about blowing bubbles and therefore, we highly recommend our party bubbles. We sell them packs of 12 bottles along with bubble wand. Each bottle holds 4 OZ. of solution. Whatever be the theme of your party, party bubbles are a wonderful favors for your little guests. You can let your guests blow bubbles during the party and later, refill their bottles and give them away.




Stickers are fun; kids love sticking them on books, notebooks, fridge, microwave, on their bats, and on almost anything that they come across. No wonder, we consider stickers to be an indispensable part of your favor bags. We have stickers in many popular kids’ birthday party themes such as Spiderman, Disney princess, etc. We also have a wide collection of funny stickers such as animal stickers, smiley stickers, etc. These inexpensive party favors are sure to let kids have fun even after your party is over.

Play Dough / Modeling Clay



Boost imagination and creativity of your little guests by giving away play dough as favors. They are perfect for crafty kids. Our play dough is safe for even young kids. Clay can be a part of almost any kids’ party themes, so you must include them in your favor bag.

Bounce Balls



Kids love balls, especially bounce balls. They keep them busy and therefore, make a perfect choice for favor bags. We have a wide variety of bounce balls available with us such as Mickey Mouse bounce ball, color glitter bounce ball, marble bounce ball, etc. All these are very inexpensive but would be loved by your little guests.

Treasure Coins



Treasure hunt is perhaps one of the most enjoyed kids’ party activities. The little ones are always full of energy and love to run around. Treasure hunt is a great way to let them explore the party place. End the hunt by having kids discover a treasure chest full of these treasure coins. Our gold coins are made of plastic and look like real gold coins.

Apart from these, we also have an adorable collection of kids’ party favors that will be perfect for your little guests. Visit MyBirthdaySupplies to place your order.


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