7 Useful Yet Fancy Party Favors for Girls

Choosing the right party favor can make your event memorable. Even though there are millions of products to choose from, you have to find something that the cuties would love to receive and use. Go beyond the classic goodie bags to make your party unique and memorable. Present the kids with some useful girls party favors that they have rarely received. Some of the best girls birthday party favors are:

Jewelry: Girls, by nature, are fond of jewelry. Buy attractive themed jewelry sets for the girls attending your princess’ birthday party. Every time they will wear it, they will recall your party! If you do not get themed jewelry, go for the generic ones that you can get at your nearby store or buy them online. You can also gift bracelets, gem rings, clips, bands, party purses, multicolor bow hair bands, and much more. These items are always a better option for girls than the candies.

Tiaras:Have a royal celebration by giving tiaras to the girls. If you are having a princess theme party, this can be the ultimate option. However, the popularity of tiaras makes them ideal girls party favors for all themes. You will love to see the little ones looking like cute princesses.

Story Books:Storybooks or activity books are wonderful options. They are educational and therefore, will be appreciated by the parents. Buy books that match your theme, or else, make a list of guests and figure out who loves what. Give them books according to their choice. The kids will love to take home a book that is on their favorite topic. This educational gift is an excellent party favor.

Miniature kitchen sets:Double the fun by giving them their own kitchen set. There are many adorable miniature kitchen sets available in the market. They are every girl’s favorite toy! Let them be imaginative.

Photo frame with a picture of the guest and the birthday girl can be a creative party favor. Buy some lovely looking photo frames that may match your party theme. Hire a photographer to take pictures of the birthday girl with each of the guests. At the end of the party, gift everyone a photo frame having their picture with the birthday girl. The photo frame will remind the kids about the fun they had on your daughter’s birthday.

Coloring book:Encourage the artistic spirits among the cuties by giving them coloring books along with some crayons. This simple, classic, and budget-friendly party favor will add a lot of adventure to your party. Buy coloring books that match your party theme.

Mini purse:The girls will love this. They can carry this in their pocket, backpack, etc. and can keep their change for snacks or lunch in school. If you don’t get something relevant to your theme, buy any cute piece probably in pink, their favorite color. You can also gift them fancy kid’s handbags but that will be an expensive option.

Choosing creative and useful girls party favors can be time-consuming. However, when carefully chosen, the party favors can serve as beautiful memories of your special occasion.


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