5 Kids Summer Party Games that are Sure to Put Them in Competitive Spirit

Kids Summer party games ideas

The hottest days of the year are just around the corner and if you are hosting a party this summer, make sure you plan some cool games for the little ones to make their holidays special and memorable. Whether you are celebrating your child’s birthday or simply a family reunion, if you are having the little ones at your party, you have to keep them entertained so that they don’t get bored. This summer, crank up the fun at your celebration by having the little ones play these fun summer games.

Water war

Camping or a Camo party would be more fun if you let the little ones declare a war in your backyard and fight against the enemies using water bombs. You will need some water balloons and lots of water for this battle. Divide the players in two teams and give them equal number of deflated water balloons. They have to fill them and throw them towards the opposite team. There won’t be any winner in this game but the players are sure to love fighting this cool war.

Hula hooping

Whether you are hosting a luau or simply any other summer theme party, hula hooping is sure to be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. Give hula hoop to each member, play some music, and let them start hula hooping. Whoever manages to keep its hula-hoop in the air for the longest time without dropping or touching it will be the winner. If your little guests don’t know hula hooping, you may give them a brief training and then let them practice for some time. This way, they will be busy for a longer duration and you can comfortably mingle with the adult guests.

Obstacle race with wheels

Kids love wheeling and what could be a better time to let them race! Summers are perfect to be outdoors and enjoy wheeling, so ask your guests to bring their favorite vehicle. Create an obstacle course in your backyard. As per their age, create a challenging course by including curves, turns, etc. you could also have them stop at a station to perform a task and continue racing afterwards. The little champions attending your party are sure to love racing against each other.

Treasure hunt in pool

Fun water games are the best way to celebrate a sunny afternoon. So, let the little ones get soaked and hunt for some underwater treasure. Fill an inflatable pool with water and hide some weighted object at the bottom. Top off the pool by using inflatable balls, water toys, etc. so that the bottom is not much visible. Blindfold each player, make him stand inside a pool, and ask him to find the treasure using only his legs.

Summer activities are mostly outdoor ones, so make sure you don’t leave them unattended. Also serve some cool and refreshing beverages to keep them hydrated.


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