Disney Princess Birthday Party Themes That Will Always Be Loved by the Little Princesses

6 girls birthday themes that have been popular for ages and are still in demand

ImageEvery little girl dreams of being a princess and this is the reason behind the popularity of princess theme parties for girls. Of all, Disney princesses are especially popular among the girls, thanks to the various movies and television series made on them. There have been many Disney princesses over the years and all these beautiful women are admired by people across the globe. If your daughter also fantasizes to become a princess, a Disney princess party will be huge hit for her birthday. Here is a list of 6 popular Disney Princess Birthday Party themes.

Ariel Theme party

This little mermaid has been popular among the girls since its debut in 1989 and its craze has not been faltered yet. If your daughter loves this princess, you owe her an Ariel theme Disney Princess Birthday Party. A swimming pool would be the best location, as it will give the little mermaids an opportunity to pretend as if they are the ‘sirens of the sea’. Theme party supplies will help you come up with a wonderful decoration instantly. Golden flip-flops and long-haired wigs would be the best party favors for the princesses attending your party.

Snow White Theme party

Having a party based on this much-loved Disney character will get you a lot of attention. For decorations, use the Disney Princess party supplies in red, blue, and yellow colors. Use the pictures of Snow White, the seven drafts, Prince Charming, wicked queen, etc. for decorating a blank wall. Jewelry and magic mirror would be great as party favors.

Aurora Theme Party

Almost every girl fantasizes to become this cute princess of the famous ‘Sleeping Beauty’ tale. Get a pink Sleeping Beauty dress for your little princess and ask the invitees to dress up in their best princess attire. Use balloons, crepe papers, streamers, and other party supplies in pink and white color. Build a castle entrance for your main door or get a castle scene setter to give a royal look to your party venue. Have food in pink party food such as pink lemonade, pink and white cupcakes, pink ice cream, etc. Pink makeup or nail art, princess tiaras, wands, jewelry, etc. are some of the best party favors for this theme.

Cinderella Theme Party

The magic of Cinderella is everlasting. Every time we hear the Cinderella story, we start imagining ourselves at the famous ball. Why not recreate the same situation for your little daughter’s birthday? Send out royal invitations and invite all the girls to attend the royal ball organized by the king. Use the themed Disney Princess Party Supplies in blue and white to decorate the party venue. Satin and tulle fabric will certainly add a glamorous look to your parties. Incorporate various Cinderella characters and elements such as glass slippers, birds, mice, etc. into your party to give it a complete look.

Belle Theme Party

This Disney classic ‘beauty and the beast’ has charmed everyone and if your lil girl is also fond of this story then what could be a better surprise for her then throwing a belle theme party on her birthday. Dress up your daughter like belle in a yellow ball gown and place many candlesticks, gold and blue Star featured balloons and silk roses to transform your party venue into an enchanted castle. Bake a yellow castle cake and decorate it with tiny beauty figurines to give an absolute look.

Tangled Theme Party

This magically long-haired beauty Rapunzel has enthralled kids and adults alike. If your daughter is also fan of this tower-bound beauty then delight her by hosting a tangled theme party on her upcoming birthday. Recreate the magic of Rapunzel in your party by decorating venue with flowing yellow streamers and ribbons to depict long hair and create a fun tower using boxes; this can make a perfect centerpiece. Hand over a blonde wig, costume jewellery or fancy mirrors as party favors to the lil girlies attending your royal affair.

These princess theme parties demand royal, whimsical, and feminine party arrangements. Make sure you incorporate these elements while planning your party.



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