Simple yet Stylish Slumber Party Ideas

Cute pillow fights, unending gossips and games, lip-smacking snacks, amusing favors and a sleepover with friends what can be a better idea than a slumber party to celebrate your birthday. Make your day memorable with our simple yet stylish slumber party ideas.


  • A pillow invitation is the best for a slumber party. Take a plain white pillow cover and write your party details in block letters. Decorate the pillow with colors and sparkles and once you are done with your creativity, fold it, pack it in a manila envelope, and send it to your guests.
  • Make a cardstock invite and draw all items symbolic of slumber party like pillows, beanbags, coffee mugs, and stuff toys. Punch a hole in the cardstock, attach a new toothbrush, a lil soap bar, or a shower cap, and tell them to bring it to the party.

Decoration Ideas

  • Decide a venue at the slumber party, you may like to decorate your backyard or arrange furniture so that kids have enough space in the hall to twist and turn and have a gala time.
  • Hang colorful streamers at the entry area and keep their length long enough to give a fun flowing effect. You can also hang long strips of streamers touching the floors to give it a feel of fun curtains.
  • Place lot of beanbags, rest chairs and pillows all over the place, to give a comfortable and fun look. You can also place a mattress on the floor and cover it with a bed sheet featuring fun sleep over items.
  • Scatter lot of balloons all over the floor, and hang twinkling light stands or lanterns to deck up the halls.
  • Embellish ceilings with glow-in -the-dark -stars to give it a feel of sky at night when main lights go off.

Favor Ideas

Send guests home by giving them cute and memorable fun favors to bring a smile on their face.

  • Sending kids home with a cute sleeping bag is a good idea.
  • You can also give them theme favor bag filled with goodies like Lip-gloss, Nail paint, Barbie mirrors or may be a CD.
  • Giving a fun sleep mask to all the kids or a small stuff toy will bring a smile on every kid’s face.

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