How to design a cool and colorful flip-flop using water balloons

Flip-flops come in a wide variety of colors and are very inexpensive. Plain flip-flops however, look boring and often require a funky twist to look trendy and attractive. Whether you want to spice up your child’s flip-flops for some cool summer fun or simply want to keep your party guests busy, this DIY flip-flop party decoration project using water balloons is sure to be a great choice.

Things you will need:

  • A pair of plain flip-flops

  • Water balloons

  • Fishing wire or any colored string (optional)

  • Faux gem (optional)



Directions to make

  • Take four water balloons and hold them together. Tie them with a balloon (5th balloon) to create a balloon bunch. Make lots of such balloon bunches. Choose bright and colorful balloons in order to create an appealing design. If you find it difficult to tie the balloons with a balloon, you may use a colorful string.

  • Once your balloon bunches are ready, use the 5th balloon of each bunch to tie it to the straps of your flip-flop. This process will be a little tricky but make sure you tie them properly so that they stay on the flip-flop for long. Always tie a double-knot.

  • Keep repeating this till the entire strap of the flip-flops are covered. Make sure you leave little or no space between the balloon bunches so that the strap will not be visible.

  • For giving them a glorious look, glue a large faux gem on the balloons at the center of the strap. Bingo! Your balloon flip-flops are ready.

Being simple, this DIY project is perfect young kids. You can consider it as a party activity for your child’s birthday and later ask the girls to carry them home as party favors or have your child make this during her summer holidays. These one-of-a-kind flip-flops would be loved by the little ones.


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