Six Stupendous Hello Kitty Game Ideas

If your daughter has a fascination for fictional feline with the pretty pink bow, then hosting a hello kitty theme birthday party is an ideal option. Here are some fantastic hello kitty party ideas, game ideas to keep the lil kitties attending the party entertained.


  1. Cookie and Cat- Hello Kitty simply loves baking cookies, so let’s have a fun cookie game. Hang sugar cookies from a string to the ceiling or something high, create as many strings equivalent to no. of players, blindfold children, and let them attempt eating cookies without using their hands. Child who finishes first becomes the winner.

  1. Let’s find kitty’s bow- Make everyone sit in a circle, select one player to be the kitty and make him/her sit in the center of the circle blindfolded with the bow aside. Any one child needs to slip the bow and then all children can switch places. Then blindfolded kitten will yell which of you kitty have my bow? Then the child who has the bow will make meow sound. After hearing, meow kitty needs to guess name of the child who has her bow. She can take three guesses at the max and if she guesses it right then she continues to be the kitty and if guesses wrong then player who sneaked the bow gets to play the kitty.

  2. Mouse Hunt- You can hide one toy mouse in the play area and give children some clues about where mouse is hidden and set a time limit. Then, let them hunt down where it is located. The one who finds the mouse first gets to be the winner. You can also hide several mouse toys all over play area and let children hunt, one who find maximum no. of mouse toys wins.

  1. Copy Cats- For this game, let’s start with birthday gal, ask her to act like a cat and let other guests follow her movements. You can set the timer for 1 minute or so. Then, select other gal from the bunch of children to be cat and others follow her cat movements like a copy cat. There can be many fun movements such as licking the paw, taking a nap like cat, pouncing, scratching behind the ears etc. You can continue playing this game till each kid gets to be the cat.

  1. Name the Cat– For playing this game, you need to do a little home work, collect picture of various famous cats like to start with of course, Hello kitty, Garfield’s, Puss in boots, The Pink Panther, Tom from Tom & Jerry, Mufasa from the Lions Kings, and many more. You can divide kids in team of two and show them pictures of cats one by one and member from whichever team guesses first gets a point for one correct answer and team with maximum points clearly wins.

  1. Kitty Quiz- As the name suggests hold a fun quiz asking questions related to cat. Create questions depending upon the age group of children. Here are some sample questions like Q: What is the name of the mean cat in Cinderella? (Lucifer), Q: Which cat is Winnie the Pooh’s good friend? (Tigger), Q: What is the name of Hello Kitty’s twin sister? (Mimi).

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