Party Ideas for a Spectacular Spring Bash

Is your lil girl a spring baby? If yes then what could be better than hosting a spectacular spring birthday bash for her. So here are some innovative ideas that will blossom for a perfect spring bash.

Spring Decorations- Spring is all about colors, flowers and butterflies, so let these three dominate your decorations. Brighten the party venue with pretty pastels, balloons in baby pink, lime yellow, mint green, light purple etc and tie streamers to their end for a fun flowing look. You can stick balloons to walls for a striking display.

  • Hang lanterns and stick small butterflies on them to instantly give your décor a whimsical touch and add some seasonal flowers in a simple flower pots for a stunning centerpiece. You can paint flower pots in bright colors for splash of colors.
  • Create an alluring table setting with napkins folded like a fresh flower. You can look for clips with flowers, dragonflies and butterflies to dress up plain items. Whether you are hosting party indoors or outdoors, with these décor ideas your guests will feel they are frolicking in the garden.

spring decor

Springtime Food- Flower cupcakes or a butterfly shaped cake will surely make a delicious spring treat.

  • Serve mini sandwiches in the shape of flowers, use kid friendly fillings and spreads like apple jam, peanut butter etc.
  • Veggie bites, fruit bites and burgers with lot of green fillings also make a good option.
  • Mini pizzas garnished with pepperoni bits to resemble flowers & other garden elements will make a perfect a springtime food.

spring food

Spring Activities- To keep the kiddies busy here are some spring-inspired fun activities for them.
Take-Home Sweet Garden- Get some inexpensive pots and hand them some decorative supplies like colored stones, potting soil, markers, soil scoop, and markers to decorate the pot. When they are done with the decoration, and then ask each child to drop in a stone to cover the hole in the bottom of the pot. Add some potting soil using soil scoop and sprinkle some seeds over the soil. Let each kid take this pot home and watch their little gardens grow.


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