Dress up your Gifts- DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas!

Nothing brings more pleasure than receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. With some inexpensive supplies & creativity you can make your gifts presentable & pretty. So, make the gift opening experience even more special for your loved ones by following our innovative ideas of gift packaging. Whether you are gifting a lavish gift or a petite one these festive gift packaging ideas are bound to delight the receiver.

gift wrapping collage

  1. Warm packaging- Add warmth to your winter gifts with this innovative gift wrapping idea. It is time to take out those sweaters from your closets that are just lying there, get creative and utilize them for gift packaging. These old knitted sweaters makes a good option for gift wrapping and adds much needed warmth & tenderness to your gifts.
  2. Perk up with polka dots- Polka dots are always a hit, be it in fabric, décor or gift packaging. So perk up your gifts with fun polka dots pattern. All you need to get started is a pencil with an attached eraser, paint and sponge. Start adding fun & playful polka dots to everyday plain wrapping paper and it is ready to wow the receiver.
  3. Cloth Gift wrap- Do you have some fancy fabric pieces around? Give a new life to these leftover fabrics by using them for a gift wrap. Use a square piece of cloth & place your gift in the center then secure open ends with a knot, a button or a safety pin. Embellish it with some décor like some golden twigs, pom-poms or a handmade nametag and your gift is ready to go.
  4. Confetti or Sparkles- After wrapping your gift preferably in a solid color paper cover one end with a double-stick tape & dip it in confetti and see the magic. You can also use handful of sparkles in place of confetti and make hearts, stripe pattern etc. options are limitless. This effortless idea adds a pop of color to your gift and receiver will surely have a fun time opening it.
  5. Crepe Paper- Use colorful crepe paper to dress up your gifts. Cut crepe paper to a length that easily wraps around the gift box and cover it with the same allowing ½ inch of overlap. Once the stack of crepe paper is aligned, cut a fringe through all of the pieces. To adhere the crepe papers around the package use a piece of double sided tape of glue. A handmade name tag will give a perfect finishing to this gift wrap.

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