All Time Favorite Birthday Theme for Boys

Birthday is the most waited day for every child. They continue waiting throughout the year for their birthday party and keep counting days when their birthday is approaching. So, if you are running short of ideas or perplexed about which theme to select. Then here are some all time favorite birthday themes for your little birthday boy.

Animated Character Themes

Despicable Me- These mischievous minions have won the hearts of kids and adults alike. Minions are fun, cute and naughty creatures and make an adorable birthday theme. For hosting despicable me theme party, let yellow& blue theme color dominate your decorations. Apart from using regular balloon bouquets, you can make fun minion balloons, blow yellow balloons, stick googly eyes on it, and add other details using black marker. In addition, another great idea is let the birthday boy or girl be dressed in theme outfit. For this buy plain yellow T-shirts, add a long black strip on it, and stick googly eyes on it and do other detailing with a black marker. Your kid will love to be adorned in this t-shirt. Explore despicable me birthday supplies and transform your party venue into a fun minion zone.


Disney Cars– Does your kid have passion for cars and is avid fan of car racing then a Disney car is the best theme for his birthday bash. Wow your guests by sending them exciting theme invites, you can get a roadmap of your home or party venue, cut in a shape of a wheel, and fill in other party details. Glue two checkered flags at the entrance door in a crisscross style and paste posters of racecars including Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, all over the party venue. In party food serve lil race lovers whacky wheel cookies with a black & white frosting and delight their taste buds.


Adventure Themes

Camo– If your lil one aspires to be a soldier then hosting a Camo party is your best bet. You can use solid color green decorations and tableware to transform your home into a fun military camp. Create an obstacle course for them to give them a feel and excitement of military training. Secondly, squirt and short game will also bring out best of the Camo theme and kids will have a gala time shooting and shielding against squirt gun shots. These fun-filled boot camp games will surely rock your party. You can also buy coordinated Camo birthday supplies to make your party even more fun and memorable.


Jungle Safari- If your child is an animal lover and is fascinated by lions, tigers, kangaroos then a jungle safari theme is an excellent choice for celebrating his birthday. Let the guests be dressed in different animal suits and have wildly time. Play jungle theme music with animal sounds in background. Invite guests by sending them theme invites, cut a green construction paper in shape of a palm tree and run over glue stick then sprinkle lot of glitter and fill in party details. For decorations, place fun stuffed toys all over the party venue. Hang mosquito netting from the ceiling, and place cutouts of animals on the walls. Cluster one or two coconuts, banana in the middle of food table to use as centerpiece. Give away safari hats or fun binoculars as favors.


Pirate- If your lil swashbucklers are all geared up for some sea worthy fun then host a pirate theme Birthday bash for him/her. Invite your guests in style, clean old soda bottles and roll a piece of paper with party details into bottle. This will make a simple & fun invite. Or you can make shape of a skull or crossbones using black construction paper and fill in party details with using gold pen. For decorations, hang fishing net from the ceiling, make a treasure chest, you can use a shoe box cover it with brown paper and stick theme stickers all over. Fill it with faux jewels, seashells, gold coins etc. Give away black eye patch or pirate hats, plastic swords as favors. Look for pirate theme birthday supplies to ensure your birthday bash is sailing smoothly and is talked about for months.



5 Top-Selling Birthday Party Favors For Adventure-Loving Boys

If your child and his little guests fantasize becoming Spiderman, Ben Tennyson, or a Pirate, make sure you send them home with some adventure-laden favors that will make them feel like real heroes. Whatever be your party themes, these kids birthday party favors are great choices for boys between 4 to 10 years of age. The adorable birthday party favor supplies offered by MyBirthdaySupplies are sure to let your guests have fun for days and even weeks to come. Here are our top selling favors for boys’ birthday parties.

Squirt guns


This summertime toy will empower the little ones to shoot the bad men around them, do hours of target practice, or simply have fun time with friends and family. This toy is extremely popular among kids and therefore, would be a great addition to your party bags.

Gold coins


The treasure hunters attending your party will be delighted to receive this real treasure. Give away some chocolate gold coins and let the little ones enjoy these yummy kids birthday party favors for days. They are very inexpensive and are sure to energize your guests.

Winner medals


This favor is sure to give a sense of achievement to the little ones and therefore, is a must-have for the adventure-enthusiasts attending your party. Winner medals will become keepsake and will keep reminding the little ones about the fun time they had at your party.

Bounce balls


This inexpensive timeless toy is sure to provide hours of fun to the little ones. While giving them away, tell the kids that this is a magic ball that can be used for fighting against the criminals. Boys love these bouncy toys and therefore, these balls would be a fun addition to your favor bags.



Motivate the little heroes attending your party by giving away these rubber wristbands that have motivational words engraved on them. These wristbands are a popular choice for kids and tweens. Spirit wristbands are our hot sellers and are available in attractive colors.

Apart from all these, MyBirthdaySupplies has an adorable collection of birthday party favor supplies that are sure to delight your little guests. Shop now!

Transform Your House into Cinderella’s Castle For Your Child’s Birthday


If your young girl is fascinated with Cinderella and you are hosting a Cinderella birthday party for her, make sure you go all out and transform your party venue into a castle. Whimsical decorations are sure to set the mood for your party and heighten the excitement among your beautiful guests. Here are some decoration ideas that will help you give a fairyland look to your party.

Entry door decoration

Let your entrance feature Cinderella’s old life. Decorate your driveway and porch with pumpkins, mice, mop, blue birds, etc. If your budget permits, buy or rent a mannequin and dress her up like Cinderella. Later, you can use this as a prop for your photographs.

Ceiling decorations


Drape white, blue, and lavender colored streamers from the ceiling to give a whimsical look to the venue. Also string your white Christmas light to the ceiling to get the perfect fairytale glow. Fill some blue and white balloons with helium and let them float in the air.

Table decoration

  • Transform all your guest chairs into thrones by draping pink or purple satin fabric on them. Make some big-sized velvet ribbons and attach them to the back of the chairs for giving them a royal look.
  • Either buy a prepackaged Cinderella birthday party centerpiece or make your own. Pumpkin coach centerpiece would be a great Cinderella birthday party idea. Spray paint a fake pumpkin with white paint and when it’s completely dry, insert two dowels at its bottom. Take out two wheels from your child’s toy car and attach one at each end of the dowel.
  • Use tiaras as place cards. The girls can put them on after they have taken their seats. This cute idea is sure to be admired by your guests.

Wall decoration

Use posters of Cinderella and your daughter dresses up as her favorite princess for decorating your walls. Fill up the rest of the space with stickers or cutouts of blue birds, mice, castles, pumpkin carriages, etc.

 These Cinderella birthday party ideas are sure to help you create a perfect party atmosphere for your little daughter’s birthday.

Kids Party Planning Basics That You Must Know

Kids’ birthday parties are no more just simple affairs involving balloons, cake, and gifts. Over the years, kids’ parties have evolved into full-fledged affairs emphasizing everything right from invitations to the favors. If are new to organizing such parties and need guidance, here are a few ground rules that you must keep in mind.

  • Go beyond the conventional parties and make every effort you can to host a memorable birthday for your child. Send our formal invites, create a festive atmosphere for your little guests, plan some structured, age-related activities for your guests, serve them kids’-friendly food, and, when they are about to leave your party, give away some delightful favors that they will be able to enjoy for weeks or months to come.
  • Start planning your party in advance. This will give you ample time to brainstorm and come up with unique and creative Kids Birthday Party ideas.
  • Choosing a theme is not mandatory but hosting a theme party will make it easier to plan the party along with giving a coordinated look to the entire celebrations. Your theme can be anything that your child likes such as his favorite characters, sports, animals, colors, etc.
  • Planning a fabulous party for your child doesn’t necessarily require you to spend a lot of money. You can conveniently plan your party as per your budget. First decide the budget and then plan accordingly. Your guest list, food, favors, decorations, etc. should be based on your budget.
  • Buying the prepackaged kids birthday party supplies such as disposable tableware, decoration supplies, invitation and thank you notes, favors, etc. will help you plan a rocking party without straining yourself. This little extra expenditure is sure to give a special and coordinated look to your party. Moreover, using disposable kids birthday party supplies is better than using your expensive china.
  • Make sure you plan some interesting party activities for the little ones attending your party. Try to twist the conventional games and incorporate your party theme into them. Keeping the kids entertained and engaged is one of the biggest factors for hosting a successful kids’ party.
  • Give away favors that are sure to delight your little guests. Apart from giving away the conventional candies and mint, try giving away useful favor such as coloring book, picture books, crayons, party dough, bounce balls, jewelry, etc. Such favors will remind the guests about the fun time they had at your party.

For more useful Kids Birthday Party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies. We offer an extensive collection of unique and creative kids’ party ideas along with adorable collections of themed party supplies. With us, planning a memorable party for your child is sure to be easier and economical.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Favor Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Go Nuts

Hello Kitty has ruled the world for generations. This cute feline has won many hearts and therefore, has been featured in almost products along with the birthday party supplies. Since girls love it, mommies often consider her as a theme for their children’s parties. Finding the hello kitty party supplies will not be difficult, as they are available in almost every party store. The most brainstorming work of organizing a party is to decide the party favors. For Hello Kitty theme, here are some lucrative options.

Hello Kitty jewelry and fashion accessories

Girls and jewelry are inseparable; even if they have enough, they will still want one more. Search Hello Kitty theme jewelry online and you will get many affordable options. These budget-friendly favors will surely get you a lot of giggles. You can also give away fashion accessories such as hair clips, headbands, etc. depending on your budget.

Piggy bank

Encourage kids to save money by giving them Hello Kitty theme piggy banks. These banks will look like mini figurines of this lovable cat and can be a keepsake for kids. They are easily available at Walmart outlets and maybe with other party stores.


It sounds strange to give away flip flops but those who have tried them, have always got a positive response. Kids are tired of the same old stuffs and want something that is different and of course useful. Don’t buy just any favor that you liked or were within your budget. Analyze their utility and see if the girls would really be using them. Before buying flip flops call up the invitees and ask their sole size so that you don’t give away wrong sizes.

Goldfish crackers

For the little kittens why not consider giving away goldfish cracker? The shapes go well with the theme, whereas the yummy taste will satisfy their taste buds. Kids are bored of candies, mints, and other standard stuff but these crackers are surely going to delight them.

Keep reading this blog for many other interesting Hello Kitty Party Ideas.  

A Cock-a-doodle-doo Party For the Farm Animal Lovers

Krystal is one of those mommies who are very particular about the way kids should behave. She always keeps complaining that her son Michael no more listens to her. To please him, she decided to host a barnyard party on his birthday. I helped her in planning the celebration and, believe me, I loved the way the kids irritated Krystal by breaking all her rules and regulations. Here are the details of the party.

For invitation, I suggested Krystal to buy the readymade ones available with many party supplies stores but Michael wanted to make them at home. Krystal made the cutouts of various farm animals from white cardstock and her 5 year old painted them and use buttons and ribbons for decorating them. I was not very happy with these extremely childish looking cards but since Krystal and Michael wanted to use them, I agreed.

We wanted to buy a large scarecrow shaped piñata and use it for both entry decoration as well as party games but didn’t find anything. Krystal learned piñata making from YouTube and made a scarecrow piñata at home. She didn’t want to use her crockery and therefore, bought the barnyard bash party supplies. The party was in her backyard where we put some hay bales and used them for sitting. Michael was generous enough to give his stuff animals for decorating the venue. We put bunches of these stuffed animals around the party area and played various animal sound music in the background. The party table was entirely dedicated to cows. Krystal used cow print table cloth, cow print balloon bunches centerpiece, cow print happy birthday banner, and cow print jugs. We gave stuffed animals to the kids, who were under three years of age and for others, we had cow bells. They were expensive but we knew kids would love them.

barnyard bash

The funniest part of the event was that despite Krystal’s dedicated effort, kids remained kids and did everything that she didn’t want them to do. They spilled the milkshake on the table, played with sand, ate with dirty hands, fought for the candies that came out of the piñata, and spoiled their cloths by dropping ketchup. One young chap even kissed her with ketchup on his lips! I thought she will not be organizing any more birthdays but when I got a thank you call from her the next day, I realized that a mother can tolerate anything for her child. Krystal, you are awesome.

Please note that I have intentionally changed my client’s name to Krystal so that I don’t disappoint here. If you liked these barnyard bash party ideas, please read my other blogs for many other innovative kids’ birthday party tips.

A Roooaaaring Dinosaur Party For the Little Dinosaur Hunters and Explorers

Kids are very unpredictable. They can ask for anything, anytime and if you cannot see them crying, you have to fulfill their demands. My client Christina is of those moms who have suffered a lot due to the unpredictable nature of her 6 year old daughter Melissa. Apart from nagging about food and clothes, recently Melissa nagged about her birthday theme. I and Christina had been planning a Tinkerbell party since long but Melissa’s whole day crying act made us take up the Dino theme. Here is how we converted her house to the jungle of the Jurassic park movie.

  • From the pavement till our main door, we drew dinosaur footprints using white chalk directing the guests towards the party area.
  • We used large-sized cardboard boxes to make a Jurassic-park entry and put a signboard on top of it stating ‘Let’s roar with the dinosaurs’. The guests really liked these Dinosaur Party Ideas.
  • When the guests entered the party area, they were greeted with a large-sized inflatable toy dinosaur. This big reptile was looking real and placed very close to the door. Many kids even screamed out of shock.
  • We didn’t create a very lively atmosphere; rather we tried to give it a wild look. Christina took YouTube’s help to learn how to make toy dinosaurs using paper. She and Melissa made above 50 varying sized paper dinosaur that we placed at strategic location around the party area.
  • The artificial grass carpet, 3 large tree-shaped cutouts, stuffed monkeys, deer, tiger, etc. some artificial flowers, green crepe paper, green tissue pompoms, and a rose room freshener helped us to transform our venue to the Jurassic park forest.
  • We bought some large plastic eggs, hide them around the area, and called them Dino eggs. Kids enjoyed hunting them.

Both Melissa and Christina were happy with the arrangements. It was the first time I was organizing a dinosaur themed party and, thankfully, it turned out to be a good one. The only thing I regret is that one of the guests cried out of fear by the unexpected presence of the toy dinosaur near the door.