All Time Favorite Birthday Theme for Boys

Birthday is the most waited day for every child. They continue waiting throughout the year for their birthday party and keep counting days when their birthday is approaching. So, if you are running short of ideas or perplexed about which theme to select. Then here are some all time favorite birthday themes for your little birthday boy.

Animated Character Themes

Despicable Me- These mischievous minions have won the hearts of kids and adults alike. Minions are fun, cute and naughty creatures and make an adorable birthday theme. For hosting despicable me theme party, let yellow& blue theme color dominate your decorations. Apart from using regular balloon bouquets, you can make fun minion balloons, blow yellow balloons, stick googly eyes on it, and add other details using black marker. In addition, another great idea is let the birthday boy or girl be dressed in theme outfit. For this buy plain yellow T-shirts, add a long black strip on it, and stick googly eyes on it and do other detailing with a black marker. Your kid will love to be adorned in this t-shirt. Explore despicable me birthday supplies and transform your party venue into a fun minion zone.


Disney Cars– Does your kid have passion for cars and is avid fan of car racing then a Disney car is the best theme for his birthday bash. Wow your guests by sending them exciting theme invites, you can get a roadmap of your home or party venue, cut in a shape of a wheel, and fill in other party details. Glue two checkered flags at the entrance door in a crisscross style and paste posters of racecars including Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, all over the party venue. In party food serve lil race lovers whacky wheel cookies with a black & white frosting and delight their taste buds.


Adventure Themes

Camo– If your lil one aspires to be a soldier then hosting a Camo party is your best bet. You can use solid color green decorations and tableware to transform your home into a fun military camp. Create an obstacle course for them to give them a feel and excitement of military training. Secondly, squirt and short game will also bring out best of the Camo theme and kids will have a gala time shooting and shielding against squirt gun shots. These fun-filled boot camp games will surely rock your party. You can also buy coordinated Camo birthday supplies to make your party even more fun and memorable.


Jungle Safari- If your child is an animal lover and is fascinated by lions, tigers, kangaroos then a jungle safari theme is an excellent choice for celebrating his birthday. Let the guests be dressed in different animal suits and have wildly time. Play jungle theme music with animal sounds in background. Invite guests by sending them theme invites, cut a green construction paper in shape of a palm tree and run over glue stick then sprinkle lot of glitter and fill in party details. For decorations, place fun stuffed toys all over the party venue. Hang mosquito netting from the ceiling, and place cutouts of animals on the walls. Cluster one or two coconuts, banana in the middle of food table to use as centerpiece. Give away safari hats or fun binoculars as favors.


Pirate- If your lil swashbucklers are all geared up for some sea worthy fun then host a pirate theme Birthday bash for him/her. Invite your guests in style, clean old soda bottles and roll a piece of paper with party details into bottle. This will make a simple & fun invite. Or you can make shape of a skull or crossbones using black construction paper and fill in party details with using gold pen. For decorations, hang fishing net from the ceiling, make a treasure chest, you can use a shoe box cover it with brown paper and stick theme stickers all over. Fill it with faux jewels, seashells, gold coins etc. Give away black eye patch or pirate hats, plastic swords as favors. Look for pirate theme birthday supplies to ensure your birthday bash is sailing smoothly and is talked about for months.



Action-filled Kids Party Games For Batman Theme Parties

Batman Party Games

Parties are a great place to enjoy but for hosts, the main challenge lies in entertaining the guests so that everyone can enjoy the celebration to their fullest. Handling kids however, remains the big challenge for every host. You have to keep them busy in order to restrict their mischievous acts. If you are hosting a birthday party for your fantasizing Batman, here are a few party games that you may consider to keep the little ones busy.

Batman obstacle course

Kids love to watch their superheroes struggling to overcome the obstacles that the villains might have set. Why not have games that will let them behave like superheroes by overcoming the obstacles set by you? You may ask the little ones to dress up like Batman and jump, crawl, and run to save the citizens from any unexpected danger. Play Batman music in the background to create the perfect atmosphere for your game. Set the obstacles as per the age of players, so that they can conveniently achieve their target.

Kill all the Batman enemies

The fantasizing superheroes want to kill their enemies and make Gotham city a crime-free place to live. Label balloons as villains of the Batman movies such as Catwomen, Penguin, Joker, etc. and ask the kids to blow them up using toy guns. You can even group the kids to make teams, hide some stuffed Batman characters around the party area, and ask them to find the enemies of batman. Later, ask them to punch them hard to kill them. This will be a fun activity for all of them. The team who completes the task on time will be the winner.

Protect the trapped hero

Choose one of the boys to play the role of Batman and two others will act as his enemies. The rest of the players will form a rescuer team. The enemies will trap the Batman and the rescuers will have to find and rescue him back. Anyone who will be touched by any of the enemies will be out of the game. Once all the players are out, start the game all over again.

These wonderful and fun-filled Batman theme games are sure to keep children busy in safe play instead of letting them involve in any unwanted mischief. Award the winners with some awesome Batman party supplies to keep them motivated. MyBirthdaySupplies, however recommend you to give something to everyone so that no one feels left out.

Quick And Easy Angry Birds Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

The wildly successful mobile game Angry birds is undoubted a wonderful theme for kids birthdays. If you child also loves playing this action-based puzzle, why not host an Angry birds birthday party for him? The wide availability of angry birds party supplies with almost all popular physical as well as online party supplies stores such as MyBirthdaySupplies is sure to make it easier to pull off a party with much ease. You could also choose DIYing to cut down your expenses, show off your creative side, or if you are too late and don’t have time to buy the supplies. To start with, send out the invitations to the angry birds lovers so that they can plan their day accordingly. Here are some creative ways to announce your celebrations.

Prepackaged Invites

Angry Birds Invitations

Our prepackaged invites are sure to make your guests come flying for attending your party. Each of these invites are in shape of a red angry bird and has a ‘you are invited’ message printed on the front. To increase the excitement levels among your guests, we also have included 8 angry birds stickers, and eight Save the Date Stickers in our pack of 8 count invites. Eight red envelopes included for easy mailing. So, if you are not craft or don’t want to mess with scissor and glue, simply order this pack of angry birds invitations and other angry birds party supplies.

King Pig Invite

King pig invitation

Want to / have to do some DIYing? Try making king pig invites for your child’s Angry birds birthday. Even if you are not very crafty, you could easily make it at home using basic craft supplies. If your child is old enough, ask her to help you. You will need green and yellow poster boards, glue, googly eyes, scissor, and black permanent marker. Cut out king pig shapes from the green board and ovals from yellow ones. Use glue to stick the nose on the pig and draw the nostrils using black marker pen. Stick two googly eyes to complete the card.

Balloon Pop Invite

Balloon Pop Invitation

Make angry birds from balloons and use them as invites! This is the easiest and quickest way of inviting people. However, these invites cannot be mailed and have to be hand delivered as soon as they are made. Nevertheless, kids are going to love them. Write your party details on a small piece of paper, roll it into a tube, and secure it with a thread, so that it doesn’t open. Insert it in red or green balloon, as per your choice. Inflate the balloons and use colored marker pens to draw the outlines of red bird on red balloons or king pig on the green ones. Let your little angry birds lover hand deliver these invites and ask the guests to pop the balloon to read the message.

If like these angry birds invitation ideas ,you would certainly love our other angry birds party ideas and our bright collection of angry birds party supplies. With us, you are sure to have a blast!

Party Favors That Will Give An Action-Filled Ending To Your Child’s Spiderman Theme Party

Send home your wanna-be Spiderman guests with some adventure-laden favors that will let them have fun even after the party is over. Such favors will keep them in party spirit for days to come, thereby making your celebrations a memorable affair. Here is what you must include in your favor bags.

Plastic or edible spiders

Your loot bags will be incomplete without them. Include a big-sized plastic spider in each loot bag and tag it as the magical radioactive spider that has given supernatural powers to their favorite action hero. These Spiderman birthday supplies are sure to let the kids start their imagination. Instead of plastic spiders, you can also give away the chocolate spiders and include a note stating that they have to be eaten to get supernatural powers like a Spiderman.

Silly strings

They perfectly go well with your party theme and are therefore, a must-have for your favor bags. Moreover, kids are fond of playing with silly strings. To add a personal touch to the cans of silly strings, attach a tag on them and write ‘great power comes with great responsibility’. Avoid giving them away to kids below 5 years.

Spiderman masks


Let the little ones feel like real superheroes by giving away these black and red Spiderman masks. These Spiderman birthday supplies feature Spiderman’s face and are sure to be a valuable addition to your child’s party. MyBirthdaySupplies offers masks that are made of durable card stock and have strings for wearing. Order them now to start assorting your child’s Spiderman birthday party favor bags.

Themed coloring book & crayons


These inexpensive but educational favors are sure to keep the kids busy for days to come. Use the coloring books and crayons for various party activities and later, give them away as favors. Most mommies consider them as a better option as compared to giving away sugar-laden candies.

Spiderman licensed products

This crime-fighter is so popular that the retail stores are filled with various licensed products such as pez dispenser, school stationery, Sippy cups, bounce balls, stickers, and much more. Choose the products that perfectly match your party budget.

Spiderman comic book

Reading the latest comic book of the Spiderman series is sure to be the most delightful job for the little ones. Customize it by writing or attaching a thank you note on the cover page of each book. You can even include a spider-shaped bookmark and write your thank you message on it.

Apart from these you can always consider the conventional edible favors such as Spiderman theme cookies, candies, etc. If you like these Spiderman favor ideas get associated with us by liking our Facebook page. For other interesting Spiderman birthday party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.

Speed Racer Party Activities that will add a lot of fun to your party

Speed racer

Party games are a great way to entertain your guests as well as add a fun element to your celebrations. These activities liven up your party and make your guests laugh, talk, and learn to do some team work. For kids, the game should be adventurous, enjoyable, and at the same time, not very difficult to play. If you are looking for some fun activities for your child’s Speed Racer birthday party, these ideas are sure to help you.

Pinata Game

Speed racer pinata

Buy a Speed Racer pinata and fill it with tempting treats such as toy cars, blowouts, sticker sheets, candies, key chains, and other Speed Racer birthday supplies. Buy a pull-string piñata for the safety of young kids. Pinata game is a big hit among kids; therefore, have this activity to keep your guests busy for hours.

Pin the Wheel on the Car

Customize the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ to make it fit in your party theme. Download a picture of a car and use a photo editing software to remove one of its tires. Print it and paste it on a wall. Get some cut outs of tires, put double-sided tape on them, blindfold the players, and ask them to pin the tire at the exact place. You can also buy this prepackaged game from stores that sell Speed Racer birthday supplies.

Tire Race

Buy some old tires from a car repair shop. Demarcate a starting line and a finishing line, divide the players into two teams, and ask them to roll the tire down from the starting line till the finishing line and back. The players can work together or choose one member from the team to do this. To make the game interesting, you can place some obstacles on the path. The first team to complete the task will be the winner.

Car Race

Get some inexpensive remote-controlled cars and let the kids race against each other. This game is great for kids above 5 years. For younger kids, you can have a toy car racing game.

These party games will surely excite your little guests to start their engines and gear up for some Speed Racer birthday party fun.

How to Do a Thomas and Friends Party Decoration For Your Preschooler’s Birthday

For your child’s upcoming Thomas and Friends Birthday Party, convert your house into the Island of Sodor and invite everyone for some real-life Thomas party fun! This cute engine and its friends are popular among kids and therefore, they are sure to jump out of excitement after receiving your invite. Kids love the adventures of Thomas and would love to face the obstacles that will prevent them from having fun at your party. Here is how you can use the Thomas and friends party supplies to come up with a wonderful decoration for some Choo Choo fun.

Train track and railroad sign decorations

Your party would be incomplete without some train tracks. Why not let your guests walk along these tracks to enter the party venue? Cut the tracks out of butcher paper or use black duct tapes to make these tracks from your pathway till the venue entrance. Recreate the railroad crossing signs from the Thomas and friends show and place them at strategic locations along the track.

Railroad barrier decorations

Create a barrier using cardboard and a stick or rod and use it across your main door. Place a sign that says ‘Do Not Cross When Barriers Are Down’ and hang it next to the barrier. When your guests arrive, they will ring the bell and you have to open the barrier for them. Kids will surely love this type of dramatic entrance at your Thomas and Friends Birthday Party.

Wall decoration

Buy some extra Thomas and Friends Party Supplies, especially the lunch plates featuring the face of Thomas. Cover a blank wall with butcher paper and paste a few lunch plates on them along with other posters that you can download from Thomas and Friends official site. Ask the kids to write down something about this engine on this wall. Getting an opportunity to write on the wall will certainly excite them.

Balloon decorations

These inexpensive party supplies are indispensable for any party. Hang some theme Mylar balloons from the guests’ chairs. Blow up some blue, red, white, and yellow latex balloons and let them float in the air. Tie a bunch of balloons to the cupcake stand to convert it into a delicious centerpiece.

For more ideas, you can watch the Thomas and Friends series on YouTube or visit the party idea pages of MyBirthdaySupplies.

Tips for Boy’s Birthday party planning

Boundless energy and mischief is what defines boys. Keeping this in mind, we at MyBirthdaySupplies offer you an extensive list of boys’ party themes that will help you to plan your son’s party to perfection. Dinosaurs, spider-man, superman, race-cars, barnyard, and many more themes are available with us. The possibilities are endless and they will give ultimate fun to your little soldiers. Once you have finalized your theme, here is a brief checklist of things and boys birthday party ideas you need in order to plan a fun filled birthday party.

  • Boys Birthday Party Supplies that match your theme such as lunch plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, table covers, centerpieces etc. will significantly simply your work, thereby helping you plan a great birthday party without breaking your bank. These supplies are safe, inexpensive, and attractive. They can quickly turn your simple party to an extravagant looking celebration.
  • Party invitations should reflect the mood of the theme you choose. The store-made custom invites are always the quickest options but if you want, you can always make your own invites using your creative skills.
  • Boys love to do something all the time. The party games you pick for your child’s birthday party should involve all the guests and avoid the dreaded birthday party boredom syndrome. Choose easy to organize party games like musical chairs, treasure hunt, sack-race, playing the piñata (a pull-string one for younger kids), and much more.
  • The party food should be healthy and substantial for a boy birthday party. After the adventure and excitement of party games, a good meal is needed to send home the happy campers. Serve them in themed Boy birthday party supplies such as cups, plates, napkins, etc.
  • Birthday cake is the highlight of a party. You could either bake a cake at home with the help of readymade kit or order from your neighborhood bakery.
  • Party favors are the most expected happenings of any party. Choose from our wide selection of party favors and surprise the little ones.

Our boys birthday party ideas will definitely create some happy and wonderful memories.