Quick And Easy Angry Birds Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

The wildly successful mobile game Angry birds is undoubted a wonderful theme for kids birthdays. If you child also loves playing this action-based puzzle, why not host an Angry birds birthday party for him? The wide availability of angry birds party supplies with almost all popular physical as well as online party supplies stores such as MyBirthdaySupplies is sure to make it easier to pull off a party with much ease. You could also choose DIYing to cut down your expenses, show off your creative side, or if you are too late and don’t have time to buy the supplies. To start with, send out the invitations to the angry birds lovers so that they can plan their day accordingly. Here are some creative ways to announce your celebrations.

Prepackaged Invites

Angry Birds Invitations

Our prepackaged invites are sure to make your guests come flying for attending your party. Each of these invites are in shape of a red angry bird and has a ‘you are invited’ message printed on the front. To increase the excitement levels among your guests, we also have included 8 angry birds stickers, and eight Save the Date Stickers in our pack of 8 count invites. Eight red envelopes included for easy mailing. So, if you are not craft or don’t want to mess with scissor and glue, simply order this pack of angry birds invitations and other angry birds party supplies.

King Pig Invite

King pig invitation

Want to / have to do some DIYing? Try making king pig invites for your child’s Angry birds birthday. Even if you are not very crafty, you could easily make it at home using basic craft supplies. If your child is old enough, ask her to help you. You will need green and yellow poster boards, glue, googly eyes, scissor, and black permanent marker. Cut out king pig shapes from the green board and ovals from yellow ones. Use glue to stick the nose on the pig and draw the nostrils using black marker pen. Stick two googly eyes to complete the card.

Balloon Pop Invite

Balloon Pop Invitation

Make angry birds from balloons and use them as invites! This is the easiest and quickest way of inviting people. However, these invites cannot be mailed and have to be hand delivered as soon as they are made. Nevertheless, kids are going to love them. Write your party details on a small piece of paper, roll it into a tube, and secure it with a thread, so that it doesn’t open. Insert it in red or green balloon, as per your choice. Inflate the balloons and use colored marker pens to draw the outlines of red bird on red balloons or king pig on the green ones. Let your little angry birds lover hand deliver these invites and ask the guests to pop the balloon to read the message.

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