Sesame Street Party Favors That Will Delight Your Guests Even After Your Party is Over

The Sesame Street gang is extremely popular among children and therefore, it’s very often considered as a theme for hosting kids birthday parties. If your child happens to be a fan of this expressive and educational show, consider hosting a Sesame Street birthday party for him. Apart from creating a festive atmosphere and organizing some educational activities for the little ones, you need to give away some extraordinary favors that will let your guests have fun even after your party is over. Here are some Sesame Street Birthday Supplies that would be a valuable addition to your party bags.

Bert’s Bouncing Balls

The Sesame Street audiences are mostly kids aged 2 to 8. Therefore, a bounce ball would be a perfect age-specific favor for them. Give away individually wrapped bounce ball and name them as Bert’s Bounce balls.

Bert’s Goldfish

Bert’s pet goldfish Lyle and Talbot are perfect favors for slightly grown-up kids. Buy two goldfish, put them in glass jars, and tell your guests that Bert has asked you to take care of his pets. These fish are sure to keep reminding your guests about the fun time they had at your party.

Cookie monster cookies

Edible favors are always a big hit among the little ones. So dedicate some of your Sesame Street Birthday Party to cookie monster by giving away cookies. Either buy them from your nearby bakery or make cookie monster shaped cookies at home. Wrap them individually to give them a special look.

Play dough

The little ones attending your party would enjoy molding the dough and coming up with creative shapes; therefore, play dough is an ideal favor for your party. This non-toxic modeling clay is sure to keep them busy for days to come.

Crayons and coloring books

Since Big Bird loves coloring, crayons will be wonderful favor bag fillers for your party. Depending on your budget, you can also include a Sesame Street coloring book along with a pack of crayon in each of the bags. Use them to organize a coloring activity and, later, give them away as favors. Tell your guests that their favorite Big Bird wants them to color these pages as neatly as possible.

Finger puppets

This is sure to be an extra special treat for your little guests. Add theseSesame Street finger puppets to your favor bags and let the kids enjoy the company of their favorite character for months to come.

While assorting your favor bags, make sure you choose age-appropriate Sesame Street birthday supplies that fit well in your budget. This way you will be able to assort the perfect favor bags for your little guests.


Six Stupendous Hello Kitty Game Ideas

If your daughter has a fascination for fictional feline with the pretty pink bow, then hosting a hello kitty theme birthday party is an ideal option. Here are some fantastic hello kitty party ideas, game ideas to keep the lil kitties attending the party entertained.


  1. Cookie and Cat- Hello Kitty simply loves baking cookies, so let’s have a fun cookie game. Hang sugar cookies from a string to the ceiling or something high, create as many strings equivalent to no. of players, blindfold children, and let them attempt eating cookies without using their hands. Child who finishes first becomes the winner.

  1. Let’s find kitty’s bow- Make everyone sit in a circle, select one player to be the kitty and make him/her sit in the center of the circle blindfolded with the bow aside. Any one child needs to slip the bow and then all children can switch places. Then blindfolded kitten will yell which of you kitty have my bow? Then the child who has the bow will make meow sound. After hearing, meow kitty needs to guess name of the child who has her bow. She can take three guesses at the max and if she guesses it right then she continues to be the kitty and if guesses wrong then player who sneaked the bow gets to play the kitty.

  2. Mouse Hunt- You can hide one toy mouse in the play area and give children some clues about where mouse is hidden and set a time limit. Then, let them hunt down where it is located. The one who finds the mouse first gets to be the winner. You can also hide several mouse toys all over play area and let children hunt, one who find maximum no. of mouse toys wins.

  1. Copy Cats- For this game, let’s start with birthday gal, ask her to act like a cat and let other guests follow her movements. You can set the timer for 1 minute or so. Then, select other gal from the bunch of children to be cat and others follow her cat movements like a copy cat. There can be many fun movements such as licking the paw, taking a nap like cat, pouncing, scratching behind the ears etc. You can continue playing this game till each kid gets to be the cat.

  1. Name the Cat– For playing this game, you need to do a little home work, collect picture of various famous cats like to start with of course, Hello kitty, Garfield’s, Puss in boots, The Pink Panther, Tom from Tom & Jerry, Mufasa from the Lions Kings, and many more. You can divide kids in team of two and show them pictures of cats one by one and member from whichever team guesses first gets a point for one correct answer and team with maximum points clearly wins.

  1. Kitty Quiz- As the name suggests hold a fun quiz asking questions related to cat. Create questions depending upon the age group of children. Here are some sample questions like Q: What is the name of the mean cat in Cinderella? (Lucifer), Q: Which cat is Winnie the Pooh’s good friend? (Tigger), Q: What is the name of Hello Kitty’s twin sister? (Mimi).

My Birthday supplies offer a huge collection of hello kitty birthday supplies to help you host an amazing bash without breaking your budget. We have all theme supplies from invitations to favors, from decorations to tableware to make your party planning a snap.

Simple yet Stylish Slumber Party Ideas

Cute pillow fights, unending gossips and games, lip-smacking snacks, amusing favors and a sleepover with friends what can be a better idea than a slumber party to celebrate your birthday. Make your day memorable with our simple yet stylish slumber party ideas.


  • A pillow invitation is the best for a slumber party. Take a plain white pillow cover and write your party details in block letters. Decorate the pillow with colors and sparkles and once you are done with your creativity, fold it, pack it in a manila envelope, and send it to your guests.
  • Make a cardstock invite and draw all items symbolic of slumber party like pillows, beanbags, coffee mugs, and stuff toys. Punch a hole in the cardstock, attach a new toothbrush, a lil soap bar, or a shower cap, and tell them to bring it to the party.

Decoration Ideas

  • Decide a venue at the slumber party, you may like to decorate your backyard or arrange furniture so that kids have enough space in the hall to twist and turn and have a gala time.
  • Hang colorful streamers at the entry area and keep their length long enough to give a fun flowing effect. You can also hang long strips of streamers touching the floors to give it a feel of fun curtains.
  • Place lot of beanbags, rest chairs and pillows all over the place, to give a comfortable and fun look. You can also place a mattress on the floor and cover it with a bed sheet featuring fun sleep over items.
  • Scatter lot of balloons all over the floor, and hang twinkling light stands or lanterns to deck up the halls.
  • Embellish ceilings with glow-in -the-dark -stars to give it a feel of sky at night when main lights go off.

Favor Ideas

Send guests home by giving them cute and memorable fun favors to bring a smile on their face.

  • Sending kids home with a cute sleeping bag is a good idea.
  • You can also give them theme favor bag filled with goodies like Lip-gloss, Nail paint, Barbie mirrors or may be a CD.
  • Giving a fun sleep mask to all the kids or a small stuff toy will bring a smile on every kid’s face.

For more birthday party ideas visit us on

How to do An Adorable Party Decoration for Your Daughters Pinkalicious Birthday Theme Party

If your daughter loves to relish cupcakes and wants everything in pink, a Pinkalicious birthday theme party is the best way to celebrate her special day. Whether its invitation, decoration, or the party food, this theme demands a lot of pink that needs to be creatively incorporated into everything. Here is how you can use the store-bought Pinkalicious Party Supplies to transform your home into a pink castle for your daughter’s birthday celebration.


Balloon Arch Entry

A pink and golden balloon arch is an inexpensive but influential way of welcoming the little Pinker belles and Pinkerellas. Place a huge cupcake cutout at the center of the arch to tempt the guests for a lot of exciting fun and mouthwatering treats that are waiting for them inside. Instead of the cupcake cutout, you can also use a signboard with a message ‘welcome to (your daughter’s name) pink castle’ or ‘Come on Pinkerellas; let’s have some pink fun!’

Pink Tulle Drapes

Beautify all the doors and windows with pink tulle. Such a decoration will add an elegant look to your Pinkalicious birthday theme party. Instead of simply draping the tulle fabric, you can try innovative curtain draping styles.

Pink Cupcake Decorations


  • Hang a lot of pink cupcake cutouts from the ceiling. You can buy these Pinkalicious party supplies or make them at home. Ask your daughter to help you with this, if she is old enough to use a scissor safely.

  • A Pinkalicious party demands a special cupcake table. Use a hot pink colored table cover to protect your table from any potential damage and place a large cupcake stand on it. Do not mix this with the main party table; instead, arrange a separate cupcake station so that it gets undivided attention.

  • A cupcake pinata is unavoidable for your daughter’s pink party. Fill it with lots of delicious treats and hang it at a place where it gets everyone’s attention.

Venue Decoration using Pinkalicious Party Supplies

  • Hang pink pom-poms from the ceiling along with the cupcake cutouts.

  • Blow out a lot of pink, white, and golden balloon with helium and let them float in the air.

  • Use Pinkalicious theme tableware to give a coordinated look to your party table.

  • Tie a bunch of Mylar balloons the cupcake stand. Later, you can give them away as party favors.

  • If your daughter loves fresh flowers, you can use some pink rose bouquets as centerpieces.

To give a vibrant look to your party, use multiple shades of pink.

Fairy Party Ideas for Your Daughter’s Magical Birthday

Every girl dreams to become a princess, who lives in a fairyland, among the butterflies, ladybugs, bumblebees, and many beautiful flowers. Let your daughter’s imagination come true on her upcoming birthday by organizing a Fairy Theme party for her. This classic theme will fascinate your little princess as well as the other aspiring fairies. Give them a royal treatment and let them be in their imaginary world on this special day of your daughter. Here are some of the wonderful Fairy Whimsy Party Ideas that will help you to add flare, magic and fantasy to your daughter’s party.

The Invitations:

Take a light purple card-stock and fold it midway. Decorate the upper side’s border with pink sequins and glitters. Print a fairy whimsy scene and paste it inside the border leaving some space for the writing a message. You can write some magical words such as ‘Join me at my fairyland to celebrate my birthday’. On the inner side, write your party details. You can also choose the ready-made cards available with many online birthday party stores such as These cards are affordable, attractive and an excellent choice for busy mums. Ask the kids to dress up as fairies so that they can also fulfill their imagination along with your daughter.

Party Decoration:

  • To convert the party venue into a fairyland, decorate the ceiling with Tulle, flowers and flower lights and tell them that they are under the magic canopy.
  • At the entrance, set up an arch and decorate it with purple and pink tulle and artificial flower. Place a signboard at its center saying “welcome to the fairyland’.
  • Give each girl a set of wings and a wand when they arrive. This will help to enhance their party mood.
  • Choose pink, white, and lavender colors to decorate the party area. Hang streamers, wind chimes, and paper cutouts of stars from the ceiling.
  • Fill a large glass bowl with glitters and glass beads to make it a centerpiece.
  • Rent or buy a bubble-making machine and keep it turned on the party area. This will be a magical addition to your party.
  • Use themed party supplies such as paper plates, cups, napkins, foil balloons, blowouts, etc. to enhance your decor.

Party Games:

  • For your Fairy Theme Party you can have a butterfly game. Hide some plastic butterflies around the party area before the guests arrive. During the playtime, ask the girls to find out the hidden flies and reward the one who finds the maximum.
  • Take some white construction paper and cut them out in the shape of large butterflies. Ask the fairies to decorate them.
  • You can have a story telling session with the kids. Hire a story teller or you become the fairy mother. A quiz round will also be an educational as well as engaging activity.

Party Favors:

The fairy headbands, wings, headbands, jewelry, fairy themes pencil boxes, story books, etc. are some of the best party favors that will go well with the theme. You can also gift them fairy costumes and wands.

A properly planned fairy themed party will be the best way to make your daughter feel special. Make sure you do not miss out anything that can spoil the fun.

Sweetest and Easiest Strawberry Shortcake Party Ideas

After the reemergence of Strawberry Shortcake in 2006, this berry sweet character has become extremely popular among kids. From coloring books to stickers, Strawberry Shortcake Supplies are in demand these days and no wonder this little imaginary character makes a perfect theme for hosting girls birthday parties. If you have a Strawberry Shortcake fan at home, here is how you can plan a berry special birthday for her.



  • Our prepackaged invites are the simplest and easiest way to invite people to your party. These invites feature Strawberry Shortcake along with ‘You are invited’ message on the top. They come with white envelopes so that you can conveniently mail them.
  • Craft out strawberry shapes from pink cardstock and decorate the front side with our Strawberry Shortcake stickers, glitter glue, strawberry shaped buttons, etc. Write your party details on the opposite side and mail them in white envelops.


  • Inflate our Strawberry Shortcake shaped balloon and use it for decorating your entrance. This will make your guests feel as if their beloved Strawberry Shortcake is welcoming them to the party.


  • Use our pink and white colored solid latex balloons and hot pink polka dot balloons to jazz up your party venue for your sweetest celebration. Club them together and use a Strawberry Shortcake stuffed toy or our pink balloon weight to anchor them. This could be a wonderful centerpiece for your party table.
  • Our cutest collection of Strawberry Shortcake tableware will help you give a well-coordinated look to your party table along with minimizing your party mess.
  • Jazz up the tabletops with our themed confetti and use our danglers to decorate the ceilings and doorways.


  • Use a strawberry-scented room freshener to add sweetness to your party atmosphere.


  • Pizzas, sandwiches, and hot-dogs are the most convenient options.
  • If you want your party food to look in line with your party theme, serve something that is pink, white, or green.
  • Strawberry shaped sugar cookies, flower or butterfly shaped sandwiches, strawberry flavored croissants, salad, and smoothies will perfectly match your party theme.

Games and activities:


  • The choice of games should be based on the age group of the players. Always choose games that are safe to play and would be enjoyed by all.
  • Customize the conventional ‘Pin the tail’ game and ask your guests to pin the leaf on the Strawberry. Draw a strawberry on a poster board and ask kids to stick the leaf cutouts on it. This game is readily available with us.
  • Strawberry toss would be a fun activity for the Strawberry lovers attending your party. Make some pink colored bean bags in the shape of strawberries and ask girls to toss them in a large box.
  • Buy our Strawberry shaped piñata and let the kids break it open to release the sweet treat.



Our vast collection of inexpensive such as bracelets, blowouts, sticker sheets, etc. are sure to be a valuable addition to your berry special party bags. We also have many other kids party favors that you may consider such as pink heart jewelry, party bubbles, heart-shaped bracelets, hair clips, cute girl rings, pink satin clips, etc.

We hope these berry easy party ideas help you pull off a grand party with much ease. For more such interesting ideas and low-cost party supplies, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.

How To Keep Your Justin Crazy Fans Busy During Your Party


If your teen or tween daughter is crazy about Justin Bieber, a Justin Bieber birthday party is sure to make her feel special on her birthday. Pulling off this party would be much easier with the help of complementing Justin Bieber Party Supplies. For some exciting moments, organize fun games and activities that will get the girls roll with laughter. Here are some ideas that you may consider.

Justin Bieber pinata


Pinata are great birthday party games that are enjoyed by both kids and adults alike; so why not have a pinata featuring this singing icon! The ladies at your party might not want to hit at the love of their life, so make sure you fill this pinata with things that are simply irresistible such as purple earrings, theme straws, etc. This pinata can quickly double up as a party decoration as well.

Plant a kiss on Justin poster

Who wouldn’t love kissing this cutest singing icon! Hang a Justin Bieber poster on the wall, ask your guests to put on bright red lipstick, and plant a kiss on his lips. Instead of real lipstick, you can have them paste the lip-shaped stickers. Award the winner who has planted the kiss at its exact place or approximately closest to it. Girls are sure to go crazy for this game.

Identify the lyrics

Play some popular songs of Justin Bieber for a few seconds and let the ladies guess which song is it. Ask them to sing the rest of the lyrics. You can either have this as a team activity or let them play at an individual level. To create more excitement, mix two or three songs together and ask them to guess the songs.

Justin’s signature dance moves

Divide your tween guests into teams, give each team a song of Justin, and ask them to choreograph a dance using Justin’s signature dance moves. Let everyone vote to select the best performer and award the winner.

These wonderful party activities will surely entertain your guests and give them loads of fun and happiness. For more birthday party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.