Fairy Party Ideas for Your Daughter’s Magical Birthday

Every girl dreams to become a princess, who lives in a fairyland, among the butterflies, ladybugs, bumblebees, and many beautiful flowers. Let your daughter’s imagination come true on her upcoming birthday by organizing a Fairy Theme party for her. This classic theme will fascinate your little princess as well as the other aspiring fairies. Give them a royal treatment and let them be in their imaginary world on this special day of your daughter. Here are some of the wonderful Fairy Whimsy Party Ideas that will help you to add flare, magic and fantasy to your daughter’s party.

The Invitations:

Take a light purple card-stock and fold it midway. Decorate the upper side’s border with pink sequins and glitters. Print a fairy whimsy scene and paste it inside the border leaving some space for the writing a message. You can write some magical words such as ‘Join me at my fairyland to celebrate my birthday’. On the inner side, write your party details. You can also choose the ready-made cards available with many online birthday party stores such as MyBirthdaySupplies.com. These cards are affordable, attractive and an excellent choice for busy mums. Ask the kids to dress up as fairies so that they can also fulfill their imagination along with your daughter.

Party Decoration:

  • To convert the party venue into a fairyland, decorate the ceiling with Tulle, flowers and flower lights and tell them that they are under the magic canopy.
  • At the entrance, set up an arch and decorate it with purple and pink tulle and artificial flower. Place a signboard at its center saying “welcome to the fairyland’.
  • Give each girl a set of wings and a wand when they arrive. This will help to enhance their party mood.
  • Choose pink, white, and lavender colors to decorate the party area. Hang streamers, wind chimes, and paper cutouts of stars from the ceiling.
  • Fill a large glass bowl with glitters and glass beads to make it a centerpiece.
  • Rent or buy a bubble-making machine and keep it turned on the party area. This will be a magical addition to your party.
  • Use themed party supplies such as paper plates, cups, napkins, foil balloons, blowouts, etc. to enhance your decor.

Party Games:

  • For your Fairy Theme Party you can have a butterfly game. Hide some plastic butterflies around the party area before the guests arrive. During the playtime, ask the girls to find out the hidden flies and reward the one who finds the maximum.
  • Take some white construction paper and cut them out in the shape of large butterflies. Ask the fairies to decorate them.
  • You can have a story telling session with the kids. Hire a story teller or you become the fairy mother. A quiz round will also be an educational as well as engaging activity.

Party Favors:

The fairy headbands, wings, headbands, jewelry, fairy themes pencil boxes, story books, etc. are some of the best party favors that will go well with the theme. You can also gift them fairy costumes and wands.

A properly planned fairy themed party will be the best way to make your daughter feel special. Make sure you do not miss out anything that can spoil the fun.