Sesame Street Party Favors That Will Delight Your Guests Even After Your Party is Over

The Sesame Street gang is extremely popular among children and therefore, it’s very often considered as a theme for hosting kids birthday parties. If your child happens to be a fan of this expressive and educational show, consider hosting a Sesame Street birthday party for him. Apart from creating a festive atmosphere and organizing some educational activities for the little ones, you need to give away some extraordinary favors that will let your guests have fun even after your party is over. Here are some Sesame Street Birthday Supplies that would be a valuable addition to your party bags.

Bert’s Bouncing Balls

The Sesame Street audiences are mostly kids aged 2 to 8. Therefore, a bounce ball would be a perfect age-specific favor for them. Give away individually wrapped bounce ball and name them as Bert’s Bounce balls.

Bert’s Goldfish

Bert’s pet goldfish Lyle and Talbot are perfect favors for slightly grown-up kids. Buy two goldfish, put them in glass jars, and tell your guests that Bert has asked you to take care of his pets. These fish are sure to keep reminding your guests about the fun time they had at your party.

Cookie monster cookies

Edible favors are always a big hit among the little ones. So dedicate some of your Sesame Street Birthday Party to cookie monster by giving away cookies. Either buy them from your nearby bakery or make cookie monster shaped cookies at home. Wrap them individually to give them a special look.

Play dough

The little ones attending your party would enjoy molding the dough and coming up with creative shapes; therefore, play dough is an ideal favor for your party. This non-toxic modeling clay is sure to keep them busy for days to come.

Crayons and coloring books

Since Big Bird loves coloring, crayons will be wonderful favor bag fillers for your party. Depending on your budget, you can also include a Sesame Street coloring book along with a pack of crayon in each of the bags. Use them to organize a coloring activity and, later, give them away as favors. Tell your guests that their favorite Big Bird wants them to color these pages as neatly as possible.

Finger puppets

This is sure to be an extra special treat for your little guests. Add theseSesame Street finger puppets to your favor bags and let the kids enjoy the company of their favorite character for months to come.

While assorting your favor bags, make sure you choose age-appropriate Sesame Street birthday supplies that fit well in your budget. This way you will be able to assort the perfect favor bags for your little guests.