Time to say good bye to scary dreams- DIY Kid’s Dream Catcher

Do you often find your little one waking up at the midnight due to some scary dream? If yes then invest some time in making this kid’s dream catcher and let your kids have an uninterrupted sleep filled with fancy dreams.

You don’t need to be a pro at crafts to make this, it is easy to make and is pennywise too. Give it a try this weekend mommies and import your children to fairyland while sleeping.

dream catcher

Supplies Needed:

  • Dream Catcher Template
  • Colorful beads & feathers
  • 1 Sheet of white cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Ex-Acto Knife
  • Large sewing needle
  • 3 Lengths of yarn in colors of your choice

Start by

  • On a sheet of white cardstock, print out a dream catcher template then to create the dream catcher circle, cut out the outer circle using scissors.
  • Next step is to cut the inner circle using an Ex-Acto knife carefully then use a hole punch to punch holes over the dots on the circle.
  • Thread a large needle with yarn and start by threading the needle through one of the holes in the circle. Then, use a small piece of tape to ensure end of the yarn is secured to the back of the circle. This practice ensures that yarn keeps intact and does not slip through the circle while sewing.
  • Now comes the fun part, create a spiderweb by sewing the yarn through the holes of the circle.
  • End color yarn at holes that are next to each other. When sewing don’t forget to leave a long tail of yarn from each color on the last hole as it will be used later to string the beads & feathers.
  • Once you are done with the sewing each color yarn, secure to the yarn to the back of the circle again with a small piece of tape. When the spiderweb of yarn is finished, let your kids thread beads onto the long ends of the yarn.
  • Tie a tight double knot around last bead on each piece of yarn to secure the beads.
  • To attach feathers, simply insert the ends of feather into the beads. To ensure they remain intact, add a dab of glue to the end of the feather before inserting it into the bead.
  • There you are ready with your hand made Dream Catcher.

The feathers were incredibly easy to attach. We simply inserted the ends into the beads. If you want to make sure they are extra secure you can add a dab of glue to the end of the feather before you insert it into the bead. There you have it…a dream catcher for those scary nightmares & cute enough to hang proudly in your kid’s room.


Party Ideas for a Spectacular Spring Bash

Is your lil girl a spring baby? If yes then what could be better than hosting a spectacular spring birthday bash for her. So here are some innovative ideas that will blossom for a perfect spring bash.

Spring Decorations- Spring is all about colors, flowers and butterflies, so let these three dominate your decorations. Brighten the party venue with pretty pastels, balloons in baby pink, lime yellow, mint green, light purple etc and tie streamers to their end for a fun flowing look. You can stick balloons to walls for a striking display.

  • Hang lanterns and stick small butterflies on them to instantly give your décor a whimsical touch and add some seasonal flowers in a simple flower pots for a stunning centerpiece. You can paint flower pots in bright colors for splash of colors.
  • Create an alluring table setting with napkins folded like a fresh flower. You can look for clips with flowers, dragonflies and butterflies to dress up plain items. Whether you are hosting party indoors or outdoors, with these décor ideas your guests will feel they are frolicking in the garden.

spring decor

Springtime Food- Flower cupcakes or a butterfly shaped cake will surely make a delicious spring treat.

  • Serve mini sandwiches in the shape of flowers, use kid friendly fillings and spreads like apple jam, peanut butter etc.
  • Veggie bites, fruit bites and burgers with lot of green fillings also make a good option.
  • Mini pizzas garnished with pepperoni bits to resemble flowers & other garden elements will make a perfect a springtime food.

spring food

Spring Activities- To keep the kiddies busy here are some spring-inspired fun activities for them.
Take-Home Sweet Garden- Get some inexpensive pots and hand them some decorative supplies like colored stones, potting soil, markers, soil scoop, and markers to decorate the pot. When they are done with the decoration, and then ask each child to drop in a stone to cover the hole in the bottom of the pot. Add some potting soil using soil scoop and sprinkle some seeds over the soil. Let each kid take this pot home and watch their little gardens grow.

4 Beauty Hacks for Busy Mommies

Between meltdowns and story times, spilled milk and toys all over the floor, you feel blessed to finish the day in one piece. Yeah we get it. Getting ready in the morning with kids to look after leaves mommies with no ‘me’ time. To make you life simpler we are sharing in this blog our four favorite beauty hacks.

Beauty Hacks

Mommies’ on-the-go here are some simplest beauty hacks for you to preen & pamper yourself.

  1. Make up on the move- Aside from diamonds we are pretty sure that make-up is women’s best friend. So, in your purse keep your entire make up basics. Don’t forget to keep a stash of lip gloss and perfume. Lip gloss can double up as a blush and few sprays of perfume can add instant glamour to even a pale look. Again, if you have zilch time then give a skip to eyeliner, mascara, blush, brows-just apply a long-lasting lipstick in a bright color. A well applied lipstick is the easiest beauty heck and amps up the glam quotient.
  2. Mini Wax Strips- Nothing says shabby like a bushy eyebrow or armpits. If you are in a rush and have no time for a trip to parlor then these mini wax strips are your savior. So, keep enough stock of these ready-to- use mini wax strips for instant hair removal. These are handy, economical and can give you a prim and proper look within no time.
  3. Dry Shampoo- Let’s say you need to head immediately for an office meeting or a lunch date but your hair are looking dull and sticky. Well taking a head bath is an ideal option but in case you don’t have enough time to take shower and dry your hair – then this dry shampoo hack is just for you. It is a dry mixture that is meant to absorb oil and odor from your hair while giving you a little more-no-wash time. Dry shampoo is an awesome thing when you can’t take showers.
  4. Cotton balls or Wipes- After a busy day it is difficult to take out time for removing make-up. But using this beauty hack will give your skin much benefit in the long run like not having to deal with acne, discoloration or any other skin problem caused by sleeping with the make-up on. You can you either wipes or dip a cotton ball in the cleansing milk, to get rid of any trace of make up within 30 seconds. Try this make-up miracle and see the brightness on your skin when you wake up in the morning.

Finding Nemo DIY Invite Ideas- Dive in the sea of fun

If your little one’s favorite character is Nemo then what can be better theme than hosting a fun filled under the sea birthday bash with our Nemo Party Ideas. This time forget about store bought invites rather wow your guests by sending them handmade theme invites. Handmade invites give a personalized touch with a feeling of warmth.

2-16-16 1

Here are some exciting invitation ideas to keep your party swimmingly!
Invitations- It’s time to get crafty guys, jus few craft supplies and creativity you can make attractive party invitations. Try any of the idea from below mentioned DIY invites and give your party an exciting start.

1) Take a medium size Ziploc bag and add a blue tag board inside it that is of almost same size and easily fits in. Write on the front of the tag board ‘Something Fishy is Going on guys’ then add some fun line on the back of the tag board too like

Nemo has been found guys
Now anna has only one wish
To celebrate birthday with his friends and favorite fish!

Then you can mention complete party details underneath with party venue and timings.

Now seal these sea-inspired invites and place them in an envelope.

Tip: For an added effect, add some sand and small sea shells in each envelope.

2) Another easy idea for DIY invites is, get some store-bought sea shells from any craft store and wash them thoroughly and let them dry. Attach a blue color tag to each seashell and write party details on it. Place these sea shells in padded envelopes and give it to your guests.

Tip: Colored sea shells make for a more attractive invite.

3) Get a bright orange cardstock, fold it in half. Draw a clown fish over it then using scissors cut out the shape of drawn clown fish in a way that card still holds together at the top. Use white cardstock to make white stripes and use it to make fish’s stripes. Use a black marker for the detailing like eyes and mouth. Write your party details inside it such as ‘We are having a nemo party, so get ready for some under the sea fun. Now your hand made invite is ready to delight your guests.

Tip: Find a picture of Nemo online to cut the shape of fish easily.

So let’s make a fun splash!

Dainty & Delicious- Raspberry Treasures for the Christmas Eve

On the eve of Christmas serve these delicate & delicious raspberry treasures. These will surely be a huge hit when served with hot cup of coffee. These fruit filled cookies look elegant and surely become a favorite of your kids.

raspberry treasures


  • 1 Egg
  • ½ Cup butter (softened)
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • ½ Cup Raspberry Filling
  • 1 Teaspoon water
  • 1 Teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 Package cream cheese (preferably softened)


  1. Take a large mixing bowl, beat cream butter & cream cheese then add vanilla and beat until smooth and fluffy. Combine flour & salt, add it to creamed mixture.
  2. Divide dough in half and wrap each portion in plastic wrap. Place it in refrigerator for minimum one hour until it becomes easy to handle.
  3. Now roll out dough to 1/8 in. thickness. Using a round 3-in. cookie cutter cut it nicely. Add a scoop of raspberry filling in the center of each. Now bring three edges together over filling, let them slightly overlap then gently pinch edges.
  4. Now in a small bowl, beat together eggs & water. And brush over dough.
  5. Place 1 in. apart on ungreased baking sheets. Then bake it at 375 degree for 10-12 minutes or until they turn golden brown. Let it cool for 1 minute before removing to wire racks.
  6. Now your delicious raspberry cookies are ready to delight taste buds of your friends & folks.


We have used raspberry as a filling, you can use any other fruit filling for same.

3 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

This Christmas shun store-bought gifts; bring out your creative side by trying these super simple & easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas. Handmade gifts give a personal touch and are a beautiful way to show your warmth and feelings for the person.
Try these DIY Ideas and leave everyone in your recipient’s list happily gifted.

1)Teacup Candles

Material Needed:

  • Teacups
  • Pans
  • Tongs or nippers (to easily grip or lift objects)
  • Candle thermometer
  • Wicks
  • Wick sustainers
  • Wooden skewers
  • Partly used old candles


  • Take a small pan and set it over a larger pan filled with simmering water, use it to melt down old candles.
  • Insert thermometer to the upper pot and keep the temperature about 185 degrees. Now use tong to remove old wicks.
  • Cut out a piece of wicking 2 inches more than cup’s height. Carefully secure one end to a wick sustainer while tie the other end around the wooden skewer.
  • Now for coating, dip wicking & sustainer into melted wax.
  • Remove & stick sustainer to cup’s bottom.


2)Decorated wooden gift boxes


  • It is super easy to make these beautiful wooden gift boxes. All you need to do is either get some store bought small gift boxes or use the one you have at home by decorating them.
  • Just cover the boxes with fabric, firstly cut the fabric to fit around the box and let it end just below the lid of the box.
  • You can spray the fabric with an adhesive and pastes directly onto the box and decoupage with fabric glue preferably ModPodge.
  • Let the recipient’s taste be reflected in the fabric you use for decorating gift box. Fill this box with some goodies like handmade Christmas cookie or some surprise and delight the recipient.


3)Photo Bookmark

Supplies Needed:

  • Ribbon (I tried with grosgrain ribbon)
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Photos
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


  • Cut a piece out of grosgrain ribbon approximately 2 inches wide and 2.5 or maximum 3 inches more than the height of book (in case you are planning to give one with bookmark).
  • You can snip a point at each end to prevent it from any kind of fraying. Then sew a stamp size photograph to the ribbon and hand stitch each corner.
  • You can present the bookmark with a new book or novel. One added tip would be wrapping the book with colored tissue paper and give it an elegant finishing by covering it with a pretty ribbon bow.


Sesame Street Party Favors That Will Delight Your Guests Even After Your Party is Over

The Sesame Street gang is extremely popular among children and therefore, it’s very often considered as a theme for hosting kids birthday parties. If your child happens to be a fan of this expressive and educational show, consider hosting a Sesame Street birthday party for him. Apart from creating a festive atmosphere and organizing some educational activities for the little ones, you need to give away some extraordinary favors that will let your guests have fun even after your party is over. Here are some Sesame Street Birthday Supplies that would be a valuable addition to your party bags.

Bert’s Bouncing Balls

The Sesame Street audiences are mostly kids aged 2 to 8. Therefore, a bounce ball would be a perfect age-specific favor for them. Give away individually wrapped bounce ball and name them as Bert’s Bounce balls.

Bert’s Goldfish

Bert’s pet goldfish Lyle and Talbot are perfect favors for slightly grown-up kids. Buy two goldfish, put them in glass jars, and tell your guests that Bert has asked you to take care of his pets. These fish are sure to keep reminding your guests about the fun time they had at your party.

Cookie monster cookies

Edible favors are always a big hit among the little ones. So dedicate some of your Sesame Street Birthday Party to cookie monster by giving away cookies. Either buy them from your nearby bakery or make cookie monster shaped cookies at home. Wrap them individually to give them a special look.

Play dough

The little ones attending your party would enjoy molding the dough and coming up with creative shapes; therefore, play dough is an ideal favor for your party. This non-toxic modeling clay is sure to keep them busy for days to come.

Crayons and coloring books

Since Big Bird loves coloring, crayons will be wonderful favor bag fillers for your party. Depending on your budget, you can also include a Sesame Street coloring book along with a pack of crayon in each of the bags. Use them to organize a coloring activity and, later, give them away as favors. Tell your guests that their favorite Big Bird wants them to color these pages as neatly as possible.

Finger puppets

This is sure to be an extra special treat for your little guests. Add theseSesame Street finger puppets to your favor bags and let the kids enjoy the company of their favorite character for months to come.

While assorting your favor bags, make sure you choose age-appropriate Sesame Street birthday supplies that fit well in your budget. This way you will be able to assort the perfect favor bags for your little guests.