How To Plan A Bubbly Balloon Theme Party For Your Child’s Birthday

Balloons attract everyone and no wonder, this versatile decoration supplies makes a great birthday party theme for kids, especially for the one year olds. If your child’s first birthday of coming up, MyBirthdaySupplies highly recommend you to host a first birthday pink balloons or 1st birthday blue balloon birthday party to celebrate this special day in a grand way. Here are some useful Balloon Birthday Party Ideas that are sure to make your life easier.



  • Blow up a pink or blue balloon and write your party invitation on it using a marker pen. Let your little one carry them and personally hand them out to his little guests.
  • Write your party details on a small piece of paper, roll it out into a tube, and insert it in a balloon. Blow them up and hand-deliver them to your guests. Ask them to blow them out to read the invite.
  • Buy some plain white cards and decorate them with balloon stickers. Use glitter pen to give them a thick border. Write your party details inside and mail them away.
  • Don’t have time for DIYing? Buy our prepackaged invites that are available in packs of 8 and feature a big number 1 along with lots of balloons, curling ribbons, etc. They are available in both pink and blue color.1st-birthday-blue-balloons-invitations-large



  • Our High Chair Decoration Kit is sure to jazz up the guest of honor’s seat and therefore, make sure you include it in your shopping list.23907Birthday_Girl_Final
  • Blow up 14 solid color latex balloons and tie them using a ribbon. Attach this string to the wall and write the letters of ‘Happy Birthday’ on it. Our prepackaged 1st birthday banner will be a quicker alternative to this DIYing.


  • Make balloon shaped cutouts from various colored cardstock and use them as food labels.
  • Either make a fun balloon bouquet as a centerpiece or use our prepackaged 1st birthday honeycomb centerpiece.
  • Create a fabulous table setting using our 1st birthday party supplies such as tableware, table cover, etc.
  • Put the blowouts and noisemakers in a tall glass and use it as a party décor.



  • There will be balloons everywhere, so why not use them for playing a fun game as well. Blow a lot of balloons and let them float in the room. Ask each of them to stomp as much balloons as they can within one minute without touching them with their hands.
  • Summertime birthdays can have a water balloon war in the backyard.
  • Ask them to decorate a balloon using glue, faux gems, glitter, confetti, etc. They can carry home these decorated balloons as favors.


  • Your party food should match the party theme, so whatever you serve, customize it to give it a bubbly look.
  • Balloon shaped sandwiches, cookies, fruit slices, cupcake with balloon topper, M&Ms, etc. are sure to be loved by your little guests.
  • Attach licorice strips to oval-shaped nuggets to give them a balloon like look.
  • Serve some colorful fruit punch to the little ones and top them off with sparkling water if desired.




Choosing the appropriate favors that the little ones would love is often challenging. Favors have to be age and gender specific and may match your party theme. The blowouts, hats, candies, cookies, balloons, bubbles, etc. are great options for your favor bags. For girls, you may consider some inexpensive jewelry, gem rings, novelty glasses, change purse, etc. For boys, consider squirt gun, bounce balls, spin tops, etc.


We have a wide collection of low cost Kids’ Party Supplies that are sure to help you plan a grand party for your soon-to-be-one. For more interesting kids’ party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.