Practical First Birthday Ideas to Celebrate Your Kid’s First Milestone

I have been organizing events since last 8 years and one thing that I really enjoy in my profession is organizing kids’ birthday parties, especially the first birthdays. Every time I get a client who wants to host his/her little chap’s first milestone, I start imagining myself at the party venue and doing all those cute and awesome decorations. The reason why I love organizing these events is that although this is a big day for parents, very few of them go for a big party and therefore, I get very few opportunities to plan them

Most of the clients I get always wonder what theme to choose because their child is too young to differentiate between a Spiderman and a Hello Kitty. First Birthday Party Themes need not be too fancy. I always suggest my clients to go for a simple theme, as the little ones anyways won’t be able to enjoy them; they would just enjoy the colors. Moreover, you would be too busy with your kid to plan something extravagant. A simple theme such as Minnie Mouse, balloon party, birthday princess, barnyard bash, Mickey Mouse, Jungle safari, etc. would be the best.

I have seen many failures when moms try to do everything by themselves, thereby, getting too busy to complete the arrangements on time. You must understand that your child demands most of your time and therefore, you should not involve yourself in making too many preparations. Buy the First Birthday Party Supplies from any party store such as Mybirthdaysupplies, hire someone or ask your relatives and close friends to decorate the venue. Remember, your kid will not be very happy to see the strange faces and therefore, will cling to you for the entire duration. Be prepared to even handle a nagging and crying baby. I have seen a lot of such incidents when the birthday child remains irritated for the entire party time. Minimize your party duration to just one or one and a half hour.

Out of all First Birthday Ideas, my clients appreciate the idea of having Mylar balloons instead of the latex ones. This is because latex balloons blow up into pieces and if these pieces are not removed immediately, they may cause something very unpleasant. Mylar balloons do not blow up into pieces and therefore, do not cause choking hazards. If you are using latex balloons, be extremely careful.

Remember, this birthday is not for your kid but for you and your family. Be simple, creative, and attentive to have a wonderful festivity.