Top 4 Tips to Host a Successful First Birthday Party

Your child’s first birthday certainly demands a grand celebration. Planning first birthdays seems to be very easy as the young ones do not have any say in the entire process. However they don’t understand the significance behind the celebrations and therefore, it is advisable to plan a simple party taking care of your little ones’ need and convenience. Simply choosing a theme and buying the required First birthday party supplies will not help you throw an impressive party. Here are five key things that you have to keep in mind in order to make your party a big hit.



Keep it short

Knowing when to end your party is a big factor that will keep you, your child, as well as your guests happy and entertained. For one year old, toddlers, and preschoolers, one or one and a half hour is enough. Kids get bored very easily, so plan a small party and have lots of activities and games for the little ones so that they are entertained till the last minute.

Take care of their nap-time

The last thing you want at your party is a roomful of cranky kids. While deciding the time of your party, make sure you consider your child’s nap-time as well as that of your guests. Discuss with other mommies and finalize a time that will be convenient for all. Late morning or post lunch timings work best with most infants and toddlers.

Plan age-related activities

Keeping the kids interested and engaged is a key factor for your party’s success. Plan your celebrations thoroughly, starting from the arrival of the kids until they leave your venue. Make sure they are completely engaged during the entire duration. You don’t necessarily have to plan structured games; however anything you plan must be suitable for the group. For toddlers and preschoolers, you can create a play area by using some toddler-friendly games. You may plan something for the adults as well.

Take care of the safety of the little ones

Any unwanted situation can spoil the charm of your party so make sure you baby-proof your house well. Instead of using your expensive china, buy the themed 1st Birthday Party Supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, etc. This will avoid the risk of breakages along with giving a bright look to your party table. Either avoid using the latex balloons or make sure you remove any blown-up piece immediately. Keep every breakable thing away from the reach of children. While planning you menu, use the allergy causing ingredients carefully.

Plan early

Being a mother of a soon-to-be-one, you will be mostly occupied with your kid but for avoiding any last minute mess-ups, it’s always better to start planning your party as early as possible. Order your First birthday party supplies in advance, send our invitations at least 2-3 weeks before the party day, start planning your menu as soon as possible, and prepare your favor bags much before the party day.

Kids are very easy to be impressed; the only thing they want is to have fun. So plan a party that will provide them lots of opportunity for monk eying around.



First Birthday Party Things You Must do to Avoid Irritating Your Baby

BabyWhether you are hosting a small intimate party or an extravagant affair, throwing a successful first birthday party is a daunting task. Your child is too young to understand the significance of all the celebrations, whereas you as a parent want to make his day memorable. In order to make this event successful you need to ensure that your baby is at his comfort so that he is happy during the entire party duration. A tired and fretful baby will spoil the fun. Here are a few things you must do in order to avoid any unpleasant situation at your baby’s first birthday party.

Host a short party

Babies in their first year need a good amount of sleep and get tired too easily. Moreover, the longer the party, the more preparations you would need. Therefore, a short party would be a great way to celebrate this special day in a special way. The number of guests should be of your choice but prefer inviting your family and close friends only so that it’s easier to manage your baby as well as the party proceedings.

Schedule your baby’s naptime

If possible, organize the party at a time when you know your child will be awake and active. You may prefer to schedule your baby’s naptime in a way that it doesn’t fall between your party duration. Start scheduling your baby’s naptime at least a week before the party.

Have your party at home or at a convenient location

If you are at home, it will be easier for you to manage things. For example; you can make him sleep if he is sleepy or quickly warm up his food and make him eat in case he is hungry. For outdoor venues, you have to plan things in advance. Moreover, if you missed something, you may have to face a troubled time.

Make things as simple as possible

First birthdays are not the occasion when you should be more concern about food, fun, and entertainment. Make your arrangements as per your convenience. Have a potluck if you cannot make the entire food at home or simply serve some snacks and desserts instead of proper meals. Minimize your after-party mess by using disposable First Birthday Party Supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, etc. Choose a simple first birthday party theme in order to give a coordinated look to your party. You may even have a non-themed party but having a theme will make it easier for you to plan the details of the celebrations. This way, you won’t have to spend much time on preparations and would be able to take care of your baby and yourself.

The key to host a successful first birthday is to keep your guest of honor happy. The happier they are, the more cheerful will be the party atmosphere.

First Birthday Party Themes That Will Make your Child’s Birthday a Fun Filled Affair

Your child’s first birthday is certainly is a big reason for you to celebrate in a grand way. With some careful planning, you can create wonderful memories that will last forever. Out of all, choosing the first birthday party theme remains a major concern for the parents. Since your child is too young to enjoy a lot of merrymaking, it is advisable to host a small party on a simple theme so that you can get maximum participation from the most important person- the birthday baby. Here are some themes that you can consider for celebrating your kid’s significant milestone.

Barnyard theme party


Transform your house into an old McDonald farm and have the people dressed up as farm animals. Kids love animals and therefore, this can be a great theme for your party. Your home will be the best venue for hosting first birthday parties. Buy the themed First Birthday Party Supplies featuring the barnyard animals so that the kids can enjoy the ambiance. Moreover, the disposable tableware will minimize your party mess.

Mickey and Minnie theme


These adorable Disney characters are loved by kids as well as adults. Ask your guests to dress up in their Minnie or Mickey attire and dress up your baby as well. Since you have the entire responsibility of your kid, buy the pre-packaged first birthday party supplies to ease your work. This theme is very popular for hosting first birthday parties and therefore, finding the themed Party Supplies will not be difficult for you. Keep your decoration simple by using lots of Mylar and printed latex balloons, streamers, crepe paper, stuffed Minnie and Mickey toys, etc.

Pink or blue balloon theme birthday party

1st birthday party

This simple but vibrant first birthday party theme is great for toddlers. At this age, kids enjoy bright colors and therefore, your child will enjoy this theme the most. Use lots of Mylar and latex balloons for beautifying the party venue. The number one shaped balloons would be a great addition to your party decor. Supplies such as tableware, blowouts, party hats, etc. featuring lots of pink or blue balloons along with the ‘number one’ will perfectly coordinate with your theme.

Birthday princess party


This is the perfect theme for celebrating your one year old daughter’s special day. She will surely love to be dressed up in a lovely hue of pink. Ask the guests to dress up as princess or prince and give them a royal treatment. Your child will not be able to understand the significance behind all these but she will surely love the enticing decoration in pink, purple, and white colors. Create a castle out of a cardboard box; she and her friends would love to crawl or walk in and out of it. Have some age specific food and favors to treat your guests.

Apart from these, there are many other interesting first birthday themes such as jungle safari, Sesame Street, dinosaur, etc. You can choose any theme you want but make sure you do not invite too many people, as your child will not be comfortable with the strange faces. You have to keep your child relaxed and incorporate his/her daily routine conveniently so that both you as well your child can have fun.

Practical First Birthday Ideas to Celebrate Your Kid’s First Milestone

I have been organizing events since last 8 years and one thing that I really enjoy in my profession is organizing kids’ birthday parties, especially the first birthdays. Every time I get a client who wants to host his/her little chap’s first milestone, I start imagining myself at the party venue and doing all those cute and awesome decorations. The reason why I love organizing these events is that although this is a big day for parents, very few of them go for a big party and therefore, I get very few opportunities to plan them

Most of the clients I get always wonder what theme to choose because their child is too young to differentiate between a Spiderman and a Hello Kitty. First Birthday Party Themes need not be too fancy. I always suggest my clients to go for a simple theme, as the little ones anyways won’t be able to enjoy them; they would just enjoy the colors. Moreover, you would be too busy with your kid to plan something extravagant. A simple theme such as Minnie Mouse, balloon party, birthday princess, barnyard bash, Mickey Mouse, Jungle safari, etc. would be the best.

I have seen many failures when moms try to do everything by themselves, thereby, getting too busy to complete the arrangements on time. You must understand that your child demands most of your time and therefore, you should not involve yourself in making too many preparations. Buy the First Birthday Party Supplies from any party store such as Mybirthdaysupplies, hire someone or ask your relatives and close friends to decorate the venue. Remember, your kid will not be very happy to see the strange faces and therefore, will cling to you for the entire duration. Be prepared to even handle a nagging and crying baby. I have seen a lot of such incidents when the birthday child remains irritated for the entire party time. Minimize your party duration to just one or one and a half hour.

Out of all First Birthday Ideas, my clients appreciate the idea of having Mylar balloons instead of the latex ones. This is because latex balloons blow up into pieces and if these pieces are not removed immediately, they may cause something very unpleasant. Mylar balloons do not blow up into pieces and therefore, do not cause choking hazards. If you are using latex balloons, be extremely careful.

Remember, this birthday is not for your kid but for you and your family. Be simple, creative, and attentive to have a wonderful festivity.