Minnie Mouse Party Favor Ideas That Will Lure Your Little Guests

Only making great arrangements for your kid’s party is not enough. You have to make sure that you end your party by thanking the guests in a way that they remember your celebration for ever. Although party favors are very crucial for birthdays, you often find it difficult to choose the right things for the favor bags and therefore, simply go with the standard stuffs such as candies, blowouts, cookies, and small games. Such things do not really excite the little guests, as they keep receiving them very often. The kids need something that can be really useful for them. Here are some party favor ideas for your Minnie Mouse birthday party theme.

Minnie mouse coloring book

For kids above 4 years old, coloring book or activity book on Minnie Mouse club house theme would be appreciated by the parents. Kids of this age are in a learning mode and a coloring or activity book will surely give them some engagements. For younger children you can consider picture books instead of coloring books.

Minnie mouse bejeweled bows/headbands

Since this theme is very popular, you will easily get the Minnie Mouse party supplies at any of the physical or online party stores. The headbands and bows are the must-haves for any Minnie party but customizing them will add freshness to these items. Buy the most basic bows and bands and decorate them with glitters, faux jewels, beads, etc. To keep the kids busy, you can ask them to decorate them. Later, you can give them away as favors.

Minnie mouse jewelry box

Girls love jewelry and would certainly value something that they can use to store their precious accessories. Buy some black colored jewelry boxes and decorate them with Minnie bows, Minnie stickers, clip arts, etc. Use these boxes as favor bags and fill them with fillers, if you don’t want to give away empty boxes.

Minnie purse

You can buy the readymade ones or make them at home. Just buy the pink colored purse and paint the Minnie Bow on them. If the purse is large, paint entire Minnie on it.

Minnie Lunch boxes

Let the Minnie fever be there for some more time. Give away Minnie lunch boxes that the kids can use for carrying their school lunches. This favor is ideal for both boys as well as girls.


There are endless options of party favors to choose from but while choosing any of them, make sure that they match your theme as well as the expectations of your guests. 


Dinosaur Party Invitation Idea That Will Set the Stage for Your Party

In my previous blog, I talked about how I and my client Christina organized a dino party in a hurry. If you liked those dinosaur party ideas, you will definitely like the below mentioned suggestions for making Dino theme invitation. Read below for an interesting and unique idea for making an invite that will excite the guests about your prehistoric party.

While searching for the dinosaur party supplies, we liked the cups, plates, balloons, but not the invites. Most of them were too simple and generic. The dinosaur egg invite is a very frequently used idea. You can buy large plastic dino eggs and write your party details on it. Although they will be a great addition to your dinosaur themed party, some innovations can make them look better.

I and Melissa made the eggs at home to give them a unique look. At first, we wrote our party message on a piece of white paper, rolled it to make a tube, and then slipped this tube inside a flat balloon. Once done, we inflated the balloon and closed its nozzle.

We made a paper Mache paste by mixing flour and water. Making the right consistency was difficult; we reached the perfect consistency after 3 trials. Once it was ready, we dipped torn newspaper scrap in it and pasted them on the balloon in 2-3 layers. After drying, it was looking like a real Dino egg that is about to crack. We pasted a sticky paper on the eggs and wrote ‘crack me open’ so that the invitees know there is something inside it.

Christina and Melissa hand delivered it to the invitees and, believe me, two of them didn’t want to blow up the balloon. Christina had to give them one more for blowing up and reading the message. Kids are truly unpredictable.