Ben 10 Party Favors That Are Sure to Impress the Alien-Fighters Attending Your Party

Looking for some inexpensive party favor for your child’s Ben 10 Birthday Party? Here is a list of useful Ben 10 birthday party supplies that can be a great addition to your favor bags.

Edible Omnitrix

Bake some Omnitrix cookies at home, wrap them individually, and include them in your favor bags. First bake some standard cookies and when they are completely cool, use a black icing pen to draw Omnitrix shapes on them. Fill in the details using green, black, and white icing. Frost them and once the icing is set, pack them.

Omnitrix watches

This watch gives supernatural powers to Ben Tennyson and therefore, is a great option for your child’s Ben 10 Birthday Party. Omnitrix watches are available at most party supplies stores, Target stores, Walmart, etc. Let the little partygoers gain some extraordinary power by wearing them and start fantasizing.

Squirt guns

The young alien fighters need weapons to tackle the alien force and therefore, a squirt gun is sure to delight them. These guns are safe for all ages.

Coloring books and crayons

Give away these Ben 10 Birthday Party Supplies and let the kids paint their imagination. These are ideal for young kids and are sure to boost their creativity.

Alien and Ben 10 figurines

These collectibles are very inexpensive and can be found at any nearby Target or Dollar store. Give each child a pack of Ben Tennyson and some aliens and let them enjoy playing imagination games with them.

Apart from these, here are some other options that you may consider:

  • Ben 10 DVD
  • Stickers
  • Party dough
  • Glow in the dark bracelets
  • Ben 10 themed bubble toys
  • Ben 10 themed school supplies

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