Finding Nemo DIY Invite Ideas- Dive in the sea of fun

If your little one’s favorite character is Nemo then what can be better theme than hosting a fun filled under the sea birthday bash with our Nemo Party Ideas. This time forget about store bought invites rather wow your guests by sending them handmade theme invites. Handmade invites give a personalized touch with a feeling of warmth.

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Here are some exciting invitation ideas to keep your party swimmingly!
Invitations- It’s time to get crafty guys, jus few craft supplies and creativity you can make attractive party invitations. Try any of the idea from below mentioned DIY invites and give your party an exciting start.

1) Take a medium size Ziploc bag and add a blue tag board inside it that is of almost same size and easily fits in. Write on the front of the tag board ‘Something Fishy is Going on guys’ then add some fun line on the back of the tag board too like

Nemo has been found guys
Now anna has only one wish
To celebrate birthday with his friends and favorite fish!

Then you can mention complete party details underneath with party venue and timings.

Now seal these sea-inspired invites and place them in an envelope.

Tip: For an added effect, add some sand and small sea shells in each envelope.

2) Another easy idea for DIY invites is, get some store-bought sea shells from any craft store and wash them thoroughly and let them dry. Attach a blue color tag to each seashell and write party details on it. Place these sea shells in padded envelopes and give it to your guests.

Tip: Colored sea shells make for a more attractive invite.

3) Get a bright orange cardstock, fold it in half. Draw a clown fish over it then using scissors cut out the shape of drawn clown fish in a way that card still holds together at the top. Use white cardstock to make white stripes and use it to make fish’s stripes. Use a black marker for the detailing like eyes and mouth. Write your party details inside it such as ‘We are having a nemo party, so get ready for some under the sea fun. Now your hand made invite is ready to delight your guests.

Tip: Find a picture of Nemo online to cut the shape of fish easily.

So let’s make a fun splash!