Spread Birthday Cheer with – DIY Birthday Balloon Banner!

Nothing shouts ‘Happy Birthday’ better than a beautiful birthday banner. No matter what the theme of birthday party is this balloon banner goes can compliment any theme. So, if your kid’s birthday is coming then this time instead of store bought banners give this fun and colorful birthday banner a try.


To make this banner, you will need inexpensive supplies like balloons, confetti, tissue fringe garland, balloon pump etc. Customize this banner as per the theme and color of your party and you are all set. You can hang it over the wall, at the entrance door, over the dessert table, over the windows and delight one and all. Just make sure, you hang it somewhere that all party guests can see and enjoy.

• Clear balloons (preferably 12 inches)
• Tissue Confetti
• Tissue fringe garland
• Balloon pump
• Stick on letters


1. Take uninflated clear balloons and stuff almost ½ cup confetti into each balloon.
2. Next step is to blow up the balloons and tie closed. Rub the balloons on a carpet to make sure confetti spreads and clings to the interior.
3. At the center of each balloon, affix a letter to spell ‘Happy Birthday’. You can also add name of the birthday kid depending upon length of the garland.
4. Hang the tissue fringe garland across a wall or a doorway.
5. Tie twine around the knot of each balloon and attach it to the tissue garland to make sure balloons touch.
6. Easy as a pie isn’t it? Now your homemade balloon birthday banner is ready to wow the guests.


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