All Time Favorite Birthday Theme for Boys

Birthday is the most waited day for every child. They continue waiting throughout the year for their birthday party and keep counting days when their birthday is approaching. So, if you are running short of ideas or perplexed about which theme to select. Then here are some all time favorite birthday themes for your little birthday boy.

Animated Character Themes

Despicable Me- These mischievous minions have won the hearts of kids and adults alike. Minions are fun, cute and naughty creatures and make an adorable birthday theme. For hosting despicable me theme party, let yellow& blue theme color dominate your decorations. Apart from using regular balloon bouquets, you can make fun minion balloons, blow yellow balloons, stick googly eyes on it, and add other details using black marker. In addition, another great idea is let the birthday boy or girl be dressed in theme outfit. For this buy plain yellow T-shirts, add a long black strip on it, and stick googly eyes on it and do other detailing with a black marker. Your kid will love to be adorned in this t-shirt. Explore despicable me birthday supplies and transform your party venue into a fun minion zone.


Disney Cars– Does your kid have passion for cars and is avid fan of car racing then a Disney car is the best theme for his birthday bash. Wow your guests by sending them exciting theme invites, you can get a roadmap of your home or party venue, cut in a shape of a wheel, and fill in other party details. Glue two checkered flags at the entrance door in a crisscross style and paste posters of racecars including Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, all over the party venue. In party food serve lil race lovers whacky wheel cookies with a black & white frosting and delight their taste buds.


Adventure Themes

Camo– If your lil one aspires to be a soldier then hosting a Camo party is your best bet. You can use solid color green decorations and tableware to transform your home into a fun military camp. Create an obstacle course for them to give them a feel and excitement of military training. Secondly, squirt and short game will also bring out best of the Camo theme and kids will have a gala time shooting and shielding against squirt gun shots. These fun-filled boot camp games will surely rock your party. You can also buy coordinated Camo birthday supplies to make your party even more fun and memorable.


Jungle Safari- If your child is an animal lover and is fascinated by lions, tigers, kangaroos then a jungle safari theme is an excellent choice for celebrating his birthday. Let the guests be dressed in different animal suits and have wildly time. Play jungle theme music with animal sounds in background. Invite guests by sending them theme invites, cut a green construction paper in shape of a palm tree and run over glue stick then sprinkle lot of glitter and fill in party details. For decorations, place fun stuffed toys all over the party venue. Hang mosquito netting from the ceiling, and place cutouts of animals on the walls. Cluster one or two coconuts, banana in the middle of food table to use as centerpiece. Give away safari hats or fun binoculars as favors.


Pirate- If your lil swashbucklers are all geared up for some sea worthy fun then host a pirate theme Birthday bash for him/her. Invite your guests in style, clean old soda bottles and roll a piece of paper with party details into bottle. This will make a simple & fun invite. Or you can make shape of a skull or crossbones using black construction paper and fill in party details with using gold pen. For decorations, hang fishing net from the ceiling, make a treasure chest, you can use a shoe box cover it with brown paper and stick theme stickers all over. Fill it with faux jewels, seashells, gold coins etc. Give away black eye patch or pirate hats, plastic swords as favors. Look for pirate theme birthday supplies to ensure your birthday bash is sailing smoothly and is talked about for months.



Simple & Unique Crafts for 4th of July Celebrations

To celebrate country’s birthday what can be better than encouraging kids to make patriotic crafts. These crafts are simple and kids will have gala time doing this creative project. So, pick your craft supply galore and let your creative juices flow!

Here are 3 easiest ever crafts to make for 4th of July

Popsicle Stick Flag and Banner


Supplies Needed:

  • Popsicle Stick Flags
  • Supplies Needed:
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • White Stars (Can be cut from construction paper)


Firstly you need to cut two 3 ½ inch sticks and three 3 inch sticks and five uncut Popsicle sticks. Paint your Popsicle sticks in Red and White. You may skip painting the 3 ½ sticks as they will be in back for supporting and not visible. Paint three 3-inch sticks in blue and glue them on top of painted sticks. Decorate blue sticks with white stars and let them dry for some time. Now your flag is ready. 2popsicle-stick-flags To turn this flag into an amazing Independence Day banner, you can make bunch of such Popsicle Flags and glue them to a long piece of red ribbon. Then to give it finishing, you can tie a 5 inch piece of ribbon between each flag and hang it over mantle or entrance door.

Fun & Patriotic Glasses

Supplies Needed:

  • Foam rimmed glasses (kid sized)
  • Glitter glue & foam sheets
  • Red, White, Silver and Blue Glitter Ribbon
  • Red, White, Blue, Silver foam pieces in different sizes (Happy 4th July written on them)




Hand over a pair of rimmed glasses to your kid and tell him to decorate it using foam pieces and glitters. I bought many star shaped foam pieces and my kids glued one piece of star on rim of the glasses. They can also make stars on circular foam pieces using glitter pen. To give it finishing ask them to glue some glitter ribbon. This craft is all about let kids decorate the way they want without following any instructions. Let them explore their creativity. The result will be similar to shown in the picture. Kids can sport these fun glasses at the fireworks.




Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden Spatula
  • Jingle Bells in (Red, Golden, Blue & Silver)
  • Red, White and Blue craft paint and some strips of worn out fabric


Start by asking kids to paint their wooden spatulas, paint one side and let it dry and then paint the other side. With the scissors cut fabric into thin 12-24 inches long strips and let the kids twine two bells on each strip. Then, thread fabric with bells through the holes in the spatula. Tightly knot the back and let extra fabric hang to create fun streamers. Kids will enjoy making and playing with these homemade noisemakers. If you are planning to host a party on 4th of July and looking for innovative ideas, we have amazing 4th of July party ideas from easy to cook recipes to fabulous crafts and dazzling decorations, to make your celebrations fun and festive.