Host a Colorful Party for Your Child’s First Birthday

Most parents get anxious about choosing a theme for their child’s birthday. They always feel pressurized for planning a theme party but don’t really know which one to choose. Since, your child doesn’t have a favorite character yet; hosting a character theme party will not be relevant to him/her. If you are one of those parents who want to resist any particular character theme, a colorful party can be a breakthrough. Your one year old would love the color blast and therefore, mix and match Solid Color Party Supplies to create a vibrant atmosphere. If you can identify the specific colors that your child likes, prefer using them more. Here are some ideas for that will get you a rage of compliments for your party.

  • You can choose a single color or multiple colors as per your wish. If your child’s birthday falls during spring, host a Yellow Theme Birthday Party and use Green Party Supplies along with the yellow ones for giving a complete spring look. For a baby girl, you can choose only pink color and buy the supplies in various shades of pink.
  • A colorful balloon arch can give a fairy look to your ordinary entrance. Choose contrasting colors to get a brighter look.
  • Always choose brightly colored solid color party supplies, as kids like lively colors.
  • Blow up a lot of solid colored latex balloons using helium and let them float in the air. Small children are fond of balloons and would love to play with them. However, make sure that you discard every blown out piece immediately as they are a potential choking hazard.
  • Make banners using triangular cutouts made of multi colored craft paper and hang them across the ceiling to create a canopy design. Take a few tissue pom-poms and tie them together to form a bouquet. Attach this bouquet at the center of the canopy to make it look like a chandelier.
  • For your party table, buy the table cover and the tableware in contrasting colors so that the color comes out nice.

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Tips for Boy’s Birthday party planning

Boundless energy and mischief is what defines boys. Keeping this in mind, we at MyBirthdaySupplies offer you an extensive list of boys’ party themes that will help you to plan your son’s party to perfection. Dinosaurs, spider-man, superman, race-cars, barnyard, and many more themes are available with us. The possibilities are endless and they will give ultimate fun to your little soldiers. Once you have finalized your theme, here is a brief checklist of things and boys birthday party ideas you need in order to plan a fun filled birthday party.

  • Boys Birthday Party Supplies that match your theme such as lunch plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, table covers, centerpieces etc. will significantly simply your work, thereby helping you plan a great birthday party without breaking your bank. These supplies are safe, inexpensive, and attractive. They can quickly turn your simple party to an extravagant looking celebration.
  • Party invitations should reflect the mood of the theme you choose. The store-made custom invites are always the quickest options but if you want, you can always make your own invites using your creative skills.
  • Boys love to do something all the time. The party games you pick for your child’s birthday party should involve all the guests and avoid the dreaded birthday party boredom syndrome. Choose easy to organize party games like musical chairs, treasure hunt, sack-race, playing the piñata (a pull-string one for younger kids), and much more.
  • The party food should be healthy and substantial for a boy birthday party. After the adventure and excitement of party games, a good meal is needed to send home the happy campers. Serve them in themed Boy birthday party supplies such as cups, plates, napkins, etc.
  • Birthday cake is the highlight of a party. You could either bake a cake at home with the help of readymade kit or order from your neighborhood bakery.
  • Party favors are the most expected happenings of any party. Choose from our wide selection of party favors and surprise the little ones.

Our boys birthday party ideas will definitely create some happy and wonderful memories.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Favor Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Go Nuts

Hello Kitty has ruled the world for generations. This cute feline has won many hearts and therefore, has been featured in almost products along with the birthday party supplies. Since girls love it, mommies often consider her as a theme for their children’s parties. Finding the hello kitty party supplies will not be difficult, as they are available in almost every party store. The most brainstorming work of organizing a party is to decide the party favors. For Hello Kitty theme, here are some lucrative options.

Hello Kitty jewelry and fashion accessories

Girls and jewelry are inseparable; even if they have enough, they will still want one more. Search Hello Kitty theme jewelry online and you will get many affordable options. These budget-friendly favors will surely get you a lot of giggles. You can also give away fashion accessories such as hair clips, headbands, etc. depending on your budget.

Piggy bank

Encourage kids to save money by giving them Hello Kitty theme piggy banks. These banks will look like mini figurines of this lovable cat and can be a keepsake for kids. They are easily available at Walmart outlets and maybe with other party stores.


It sounds strange to give away flip flops but those who have tried them, have always got a positive response. Kids are tired of the same old stuffs and want something that is different and of course useful. Don’t buy just any favor that you liked or were within your budget. Analyze their utility and see if the girls would really be using them. Before buying flip flops call up the invitees and ask their sole size so that you don’t give away wrong sizes.

Goldfish crackers

For the little kittens why not consider giving away goldfish cracker? The shapes go well with the theme, whereas the yummy taste will satisfy their taste buds. Kids are bored of candies, mints, and other standard stuff but these crackers are surely going to delight them.

Keep reading this blog for many other interesting Hello Kitty Party Ideas.  

Pokemon Party Invites That will Make the Kids Scream “Gotta catch ‘em all”

The Japanese video game turned television series Pokemon has captured the imagination of kids between 6-11 years of age. They fantasize becoming Ash Ketchum and professor Oaks and build their own world of imagination. If you are on a lookout for your child’s next birthday idea, MyBirthdaySupplies recommends you to go with the Pokemon party theme. Here are some invitation ideas that will make your invitees scream out of excitement.

Store-bought Invite:

Busy moms can always buy our store-made invitation. They are a great way to announce your party. Such invites are carefully designed keeping the theme in mind and can be really convenient.

Picture Invite:

If you want to use your creative side and make your own invite, here is an interesting idea.

  • To make one invitation card, cut out one 5 inch circle each from red as well as white cardstock and join the two circles using a paper fastener. The white circle should be on the top.
  • Take your child’s photo in blue attire with a red and white cap and enacting as if he is fighting with a Pokemon. Cut out your child’s photo along his body line and paste it on the white circle.
  • In the background, add some dramatic effects such as a fire burst. Decorate the rest of the white card with Pokemon stickers.
  • Write your party details on the red cardstock along with a catchy party message such as “inviting only selected Pokemon trainers to a special gathering’ or ‘If anybody’s out there, you can come out. And if you’re a monster or a ghost, you can stay where you are’.
  • Your invitation is ready to be sent. Enclose them in blue or yellow envelopes. You may also consider decorating the envelopes as well.

Pokeball invitation:

  • Buy Pokeballs and use them for inviting the guests. Write your party details on the balls using a permanent marker. Apart from being an invite, this ball will serve as a keepsake.
  • If you feel the space on the ball is really less or you don’t want to spoil the look of the ball, you can enclose them in a transparent packet along with small note having your birthday details.
  • To make pokeballs at home, buy some tennis balls, red, white, and black paints, and some other craft accessories. Place the pokeball at a sturdy surface so that it doesn’t move. A cup would be the best. Make sure the cup is large enough to hold the ball at the top but not so large that the ball falls in. Once the ball is stable, draw a small black circle without filling the center. Refer a Pokeball picture for accuracy. From this circle, draw a black line around the tennis ball in a way that it starts from the black circle, goes around the ball to reach the circle again but on the opposite side of the point where it started. Make sure the line is fairly thick. Now paint one of the divided sides with red color and other with white color. Bingo! Your pokeball is ready.

Invitations are one of the most important elements of a successful party, as they set the expectations of the guests along with creating an excitement among them. Therefore, you must make all necessary effort that you can do to send out enticing invites.