6 Best Oil for your Baby’s massage

Giving a body massage to the baby is an old tradition. Massage has many benefits including bone and muscle development, inducing sound and safe sleep while strengthening the mother-baby bond. So, choosing the right oil for your baby’s massage is a crucial for his overall well-being.
Oil Massage
Here, we have shortlisted 6 massage oils that are best for baby massage.

Coconut Oil- When giving a daily massage to the baby, you also need to keep changing weather conditions in mind. Though, good part about coconut oil is, it is ideal for summers and winters both. It protects against any kind of skin infections and also treats skin conditions like eczema, patches or dry skin. It easily gets absorbed in the body, so if you are thinking of giving a daily massage to the baby then coconut oil is a good option.

Almond Oil- Almond oil is the most popular pick for baby massage. This oil easily gets absorbed in the skin and suits infants of all ages including new born. Again, this oil is enriched with vitamin E and gives your little one soft and glowing skin.

Mustard Oil- Other preferred oil for baby massage is mustard oil. Use of this oil is highly recommended in winters as it relaxes the body of the baby and also strengthens the muscle and bone development. This oil is generally heated with fenugreek seeds and garlic.

Castor Oil- If your baby has dry and patchy skin then castor oil is a good option for baby massage. It treats dry skin and also known to encourage bone development in children. It is good to massage your baby with castor oil before bath regularly.

Chamomile Oil- The most popular pick for new born babies is Chamomile Oil. This oil is perfect for sensitive skin and guards against any future skin infections. It is extremely favorable for babies that are prone to colic and helps in inducing sound sleep in babies. So, if your little one often gets cranky then may be giving a massage with chamomile oil can soothe and calm the baby.

Sunflower Oil- Though sunflower oil is not a common option of mommies but to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple sunflower oil is a great option. This oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids and also promotes bone development in children.

So, mommies make sure you pick one that resonates best with your baby’s skin and temperament.


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